Green domed water tower and remains of laundry chimney

Local resident Richard Duffy has set up a new website for people to share photos and stories on the history of the Hollymoor Hospital site in Northfield.

The hospital was built in 1904 and mainly served as a psychiatric hospital for the city, alongside Rubery Hill Hospital, until it closed for demolition and redevelopment in 1994.

During World War I it was converted to a military hospital to take casualties from the frontlines. It continued to care for and rehabilitate wounded soldiers until 1922, when it was converted back into a psychiatric hospital.

In the second world war, the hospital treated casualties for two years, before being adapted for use by the military as a psychiatric hospital, called Northfield Military Hospital.

In 1949, the site was again returned to the city and used as a psychiatric hospital until its closure in 1994.

Hollymoor Hospital Water Tower
Image by John Clift on Flickr


Most of the site was demolished in 1996 and has now been redeveloped for housing and industry. Little remains of the old site now, aside from a chapel (now home to Eternal Life Church and Life Line Food Bank) and some of the old administration buildings and service, now occupied by Hollymoor Dental Surgery, Hollymoor Medical Centre, a chemist and Longbridge Childcare Strategy Group.

What does remain is the landmark water tower with its green domed roof which stands on top of the hill – I know I'm nearly home when I spot that! :)

If you have memories of the old hospital that you would like to share, please visit the new Hollymoor Hospital website or email richard@hollymoorhospital.co.uk

Video footage of the hospital in the 60s by Barry Gould. Read more about the film maker



  1. My aunt Kathleen Simpson worked at Hollymoor Hospital for many years. She live at 19, Gorseymead Close Opposite the hospital, with her husband Ivor and children Paul and Gail


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