Public meetings

We will try and keep our events calendar updated with upcoming public meetings for Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield & Weoley wards by month. View the events calendar

What offical public meetings are there that I can get involved with?

There are a number of official public meetings where you can have your say on and find out about community issues.

  • Police Tasking – Neighbourhood police officers meet with the community to identify priorities in the ward. Residents, housing association representatives, councillors and others attend. Issues are raised, discussed, and reported back on. Held roughly every 4 weeks in each ward. Times and venues can alternate. To check details visit Birmingham South Police’s web page and click on your neighbourhood. You will also find contact details for local teams here, if you cannot attend meetings.
  • Ward Committee – a public meeting held within the ward. Led by ward councillors and attended by council officers, police and fire representatives, housing representatives, council contractors and officers. To discuss any ward level issues involving the council. Check details on the Birmingham City Council meetings pages
  • District Committee – Northfield District Committee is where all the councillors from Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley meet to discuss district wide issues and hear reports from council officers on budgets and planned works etc. These meetings used to be held in the community but are now held centrally at Birmingham Council House. They can last for a few hours and you can watch them live (or archived) via the council’s live streaming service. Check details on the Birmingham City Council meetings pages
  • Parish Council – meetings are open to the public. They are advertised on the Frankley Parish Council noticeboard by Arden Road shops and on the Frankley Parish Council website no later than 6 days before they take place.
  • Other public meetings – From time to time there may be additional ward or district level meetings called to address specific issues or to consult on changes etc. These may be called by councillors, council officials, police, developers or anyone else who wants to find out the views of local people. We will try and post these here when we can.

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