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UPDATE 11/3/16 A 45 year old man remains in police custody today in connection with this incident. A butane canister found at the scene is undergoing forensic tests.

An investigation is underway following an explosion in a Northfield tower block this morning (Tuesday 15th March). 

The explosion happened just before 10.30 am in a flat on the top floor of Sandown House in Willetts Road. Willetts Road remained closed until around 1.30pm while emergency services attended the scene.

A police cordon remains in place in Cressage Avenue, off Willetts Road.

A West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “The cause of the explosion is not known at present but the Fire Investigation Team and forensic experts are investigating.”

The incident was initially treated as a suspected gas incident and three fire appliances attended.

Police also confirmed that there were no known injuries during the incident.

Northfield Councillor Brett O’Reilly (Lab) said: “I was shocked and saddened to hear of the explosion, and thankful that there are no injuries reported.

“I understand that council officers and the emergency services were quick to respond, and I am assured by communication from council officers that the situation is being made safe. A housing officer will remain out onsite to support those affected, however please do contact me if I can be of any support.”

More information as and when we get it . . .


    • I think you should find the whole story out before you slander the people involved. You wouldn’t like it if this was your family and people was commenting stupid childish comments towards your family would you ? Reality check GROW UP

  1. Butane isn’t used in the production of meth.

    If it were drug related I should imagine it would be cannabis oil. Same as the guy who died due to an explosion last year.

    However could also be totally innocent reason


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