CGI image submitted with planning application
CGI image submitted with planning application

A planning application has been submitted to Birmingham City Council for a ‘drive thru’ Starbucks coffee shop in Northfield.

The proposal would see the development of land, currently owned by Sainsbury’s, on the corner of Sir Herbert Austin Way and Vineyard Road, located between Sainsbury’s petrol station and Bellfield Schools.

If approved, the development will be one of 200 new ‘Drive Thru’ Starbucks being rolled out across the UK in a plan announced in 2011.

30 full and part time jobs would be created at the outlet which would feature 23 parking spaces, disabled parking and facilities and a “first-of-a-kind contemporary low level building design’.


John Liggins of property development company Ziran Land Ltd, comments: “Starbucks Northfield will see a vacant site regenerated, creating local jobs and serving as a social meeting place for residents, as well as parents of local school children who can use the parking spaces if they choose to enjoy a coffee with friends.”

You can view the planning application and submit your views on the council’s Planning Applications page. Application number: 2016/01174/PA 

Any questions about the application can be directed to the development team on 08000 356 480.


  1. entering the Application number on the council’s Planning Applications page.doesn’t throw up any details,
    i just get a “No Records Found. Please resubmit search with different criteria”.message

  2. Starbucks in northfield…. Mmmmmm ok.
    1 how many northfield residents can actually appreciate or afford such products?
    2 A drive through there will cause nothing but problems with traffic
    3 of non residents who will want to stop in that hole of a place only to risk being victims if the local filth?
    4 How uneducated and un patriotic are you to allow a company that dodges paying tax to further drag your standard of living down?
    Starbucks and northfield… Deserve each other

    • Take it your referring to yourself. I live in Northfield & can afford & am looking forward to it & like I just said to that twat before, I will be enjoying my lartae there when it opens. I’m sure I can speak for other residents of Northfield that we are proud of were we come from & it’s not our fault that them wankers in Birmingham City Council have not delivered on their promises for years of major investment and a new shopping centre for Northfield. If you don’t like Northfield, or its people, there’s a very simple solution, don’t come here, we can do without 2 face, stuck up, cock sucking bitches that think their it, but are far from it in our village & in the words of my old headmaster, “IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!!”

  3. I live in northfield my mum lives close to where this is proposed, this is right by a school. it is choatic at school picking up time as it is I would be concerned for safety, it is maybe the best place for a drive thru as northfield foot traffic tends to stick to high street.

  4. I don’t think it’s a very good idea at children go to these schools and it’s very busy in and around bellfield,children everywhere.can you assure us that the CHILDREN can get in and out of their school gates safely????I don’t think they will if car’s are going to be going in to Starbucks.also vineyard road is a horrid busy road as it is,I can only imagine this is going to cause more for the lady saying northfield residents can’t afford a Starbucks I think you need to grow up a little.northfield isn’t as bad as people make out.

  5. Don’t think putting the entrance right next to a school and nursery is a good idea. It will be asking for trouble having people rushing to work driving across a pavement with children and toddlers walking to Bellfield school. Thinking about it I can’t imagine the person who planned it would know how busy it is around there all day otherwise they wouldn’t of done it.

  6. I don’t think a drive in complex is suitable next to a school and and nursery.
    The drive in MacDonalds at Rednal/Rubery backs up onto the Bristol Road creating traffic issues.
    The land would be more beneficial the school as a leisure facility.


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