***PUBLIC MEETING  Wednesday 19th February at 6pm  The Factory Young People’s Centre, 5 Devon Way (Off Longbridge Lane), Longbridge***


Birmingham City Council have released their two year draft budget proposal for 2014-16 for Northfield District.

Northfield District covers Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards.

District committees have been asked to reduce their spending by the Council as part of the city’s restricted budget plans. The city council is having to make savings of £120 million this year and £5.7 million of this needs to come from the 8 district budgets across the city.  

The proposals suggest a saving of £677,000 in 2014/15, rising to £940,000 by the end of 2016 throughout Northfield district.

Proposed savings include: 

  • School crossing provision: Review and management of positions with schools footing the bill by 2015/16 Saving over 2 years: £127,000
  • Community libraries: Reduction in staff. Review of premises costs Saving over 2 years: £170,000
  • Youth Services: Relocation of service provision where possible and look at how to generate additional income Saving over 2 years: £40,000
  • Ward Support: Ward Support Officer for Northfield District could be shared with Edgbaston District Saving over 2 years: £25,000
  • Community Development: Community Asset Transfers of centres eg Hawkesley Community Centre, Deelands Hall, Frogmill Hall with financial responsibility handed to HRA  Saving over 2 years: £107,000
  • Neighbourhood Information and Advise Service: Staff reductions. Saving over 2 years: £314,000
  • Business Support: staff review and transfer of IT costs Saving over 2 years: £107,000
  • District Engineers: local service review, staff reduction and consider income generation Saving over 2 years: £50,000

It is proposed that some of the cuts to services will be balanced with an increase in third sector provision through the development of “Community Hubs and Neighbourhood Centres offering a mix of integrated services in partnership with the third sector, educational and other bodies (e.g. parish council, volunteers); assessment of Trust options [libraries]; and generation of new income – Friends groups are being established at community libraries.”

More information:

If you have any questions on the proposals or want to comment, you can:


***PUBLIC MEETING  Wednesday 19th February at 6pm  The Factory Young People’s Centre, 5 Devon Way (Off Longbridge Lane), Longbridge***
Kings Norton Ward Tuesday 18th February at 2.30pm at Kings Norton Library, Pershore Rd Sth, B30 3EU
Northfield Ward Thursday 20th February at 7pm at Northfield Library. (Daytime meeting date to be confirmed)
Longbridge Ward Friday 28th February at 3pm at Frankley Library, New Street, B45 0EU
Weoley Ward Monday 3rd March at 11am at Weoley Library, 76 Beckbury Rd, B29 5HR

Upcoming ward committee meetings:

Kings Norton Ward Committee
*Special meeting Thursday 6th February at 7pm Oddingley Hall, Oddingley Road, B31 3BS To discuss the Northfield District Budget Savings
6th March – 7pm Ark Kings Academy, Shannon Road, B38 9DE

Longbridge Ward Committee
18th March details to be confirmed

Northfield Ward Committee
17th March – 7pm West Heath Community Centre, Hampstead House, Fairfax Road, B31 3QY

Weoley Ward Committee
3rd March – 7pm Weoley Castle Ruins Community Classroom, Alwold Rd, B29 5RJ

More ‘special meetings’ may be called – we will update you if any are arranged.


  1. So the council can borrow £25m and spend another £8m from its reserves on wheelie bins, but it can’t find £1m to spend on vital services in Northfield.

    Strange set of priorities in my opinion.

  2. I think the problem is the Council has been forced to use money available for the wheelie bins, from Central Govt funding and it is ring fenced.
    The cuts that are being made have come direct from Goverment and there isn’t a lot the incumbent administration can do about it. This is why it’s paramount people attend Ward Meetings to put their input into budget discussions.


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