A West Heath father and son have received a Good Citizens Award for their bravery in protecting a teenager who took refuge in their home. Martin Thompson and his 18 year old son Edward both suffered stab wounds during the incident in May 2011 but stood firm to protect the youngster from his attackers.

They courageously confronted the teenager’s pursuers – an 18-year-old man from Ladywood and a 15-year-old lad from Northfield – on the driveway and blocked the pair’s attempts to get at their target as he cowered in the hallway.

Edward was stabbed in the back by one of the attackers, puncturing a lung and leaving him in a critical condition in hospital. Dad Martin Thompson is a researcher with West Midlands Police’s Public Protection Unit and also suffered knife wounds.

Following a brief standoff the older attacker produced a knife and stabbed Edward in the back – puncturing one of his lungs – whilst dad Martin suffered knife injuries as he fought off the intruders.

The 15-year-old handed himself in to Bourneville police station the following day whilst the 18-year-old was traced to an address in Longbridge on 23 May and arrested by a police dog handler as he bolted through rear gardens.

A judge later jailed the knifeman indefinitely – he’ll spend a minimum of five-and-a-half years behind bars and only released when deemed no longer a danger to the public – whilst the schoolboy was handed a two-year youth rehabilitation order.

And last week (July 25) the father and son heroes – set to appear later this month in BBC TV show Fightback Britain – picked-up Good Citizens Awards, whilst several West Midlands Police detectives were commended for their efforts in bringing the offenders to justice.

Martin – who helps research serious sex offence and domestic violence cases – said: “We acted instinctively…the lad was clearly petrified and asked for our help. They began scuffling with us but it wasn’t until later we realised he was lashing out with a knife, not just his fists.

“Edward was seriously hurt and needed emergency surgery and lengthy rehab in hospital – thankfully he made a full recovery, but we know it could have been much worse.

“We’re both really proud to have been given these awards and to have taken the stage alongside people who’ve been recognised for amazing feats of bravery.”

Following the stabbings, detectives carried out search warrants at more than 10 addresses linked to the 18-year-old and finally found him lying low at a house in Longbridge Lane.

A citation delivered during the presentation read: “The tenacity and relentless pursuit of the culprits led to their swift arrest…and the expertise and thoroughness of the officers’ interview secured full and frank admissions.”

The 18-year-old admitted two counts of wounding whilst the schoolboy admitted affray.

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  1. martin and Edward showed bravery and courage that day. the community was shocked but pleased when they recovered from their injuries. so glad to see they got recognition for there heroism.


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