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Plans for a framework for improving pools and leisure facilities, including Northfield, were approved at a meeting of Birmingham City Council cabinet yesterday.

The plans will see new and improved facilities at 6 sites across Birmingham. Northfield Pool and leisure centre, which serves the whole of the Northfield District of Northfield, Kings Norton, Longbridge and Kings Norton wards, will be replaced with a brand new privately managed facility.

However, the location of the new pool for Northfield District is yet to be decided. Rebuilding on the same site is an option, but Birmingham City Council Labour councillors had proposed a new site be used so that the service can be maintained without any interruption.

During consultation, it was suggested that land on the site of the former MG works at Longbridge could be used. This proposal raised a mixed reaction from residents and local politicians – some are happy for the service to move if it means a bigger and better facility with no service disruption, but some feel that moving the centre away from Northfield itself will adversely affect businesses in the town centre and make it less accessible for some.

At yesterday's meeting, a third option was put forward, with Price's Square in Northfield town centre (by the Post Office) being considered as a possible site.

So the possible sites being considered for the rebuild are:

  • The current site on Bristol Road South, Northfield
  • Somewhere on the former Rover works site at Longbridge
  • Price's Square on Northfield High Street

Following the cabinet decision, Cllr Brett O'Reilly (Lab, Northfield) said: “As part of the recent consultation undertaken, which included a meeting attended by over 100 residents and stakeholders, a third site was put forward and is being considered […]”

Cllr Brett O'Reilly

Cllr O'Reilly confirmed that the cabinet decision means that the tender process can now begin, to decide who will run the new service on the city's behalf. However, he said that a decision on the location needs further consideration and will be made at a later date.

Cllr O'Reilly added: “I will echo my comments from today's meeting in welcoming the £6 million investment in sport and leisure in Northfield, and in a time when we can all be sceptical about consultations, it is good to see that officers of the council have embraced comments and feedback from the consultation, in actively considering a third site. Whilst I know that there will always be controversy over the final location, I am sure the new facility will be very welcome, and is a sign that a Labour run council can make a difference, even in a time of cuts and austerity”

We will update on any decisions on location of the new pool, and fate of the old building if facilities are to be moved, when we can.

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  1. lets look at the options
    option 1 keep northfield pool open… not
    close it and rebuild…possible.. but no pool for say 3 yrs…but it does keep northfield alive. That’s what I would vote for.
    option 2 longbridge.. what BCC really its cheaper and in line with their political strategy.
    option 3 ludicrous idea but then BCC can say “we gave 3 cholices” and it will generate so much hot air and it will be taking the focus of option 1 and 2.

  2. I agree Price’s square does appear to be a crazy option, as I assume this will mean that the shops will have to be closed and demolished and I assume there are flats over the top of the shops, so those residents will have to be rehoused. Also, is there enough room for adequate parking.

    Relocate the pool to Longbridge. Not a major problem as far as I can see, but will members of the public who have always used the pool want to travel further, although it is not that much further, to use the facility.

    Rebuild on the original site. Seems logical and as long as the public realise and accept they will be without a facility for some considerable time, this appears to be the best solution in my opinion.

  3. Any guarantee that that the cost of swimming will not go up to pay for the privatisation of the baths yet…? Coventry did the same thing in moving their baths out of the town centre to be run privately….now the baths are empty because nobody can afford the prices.

  4. at the Northfield Ward Committee on Monday there was a man who said he represented the businesses of Northfield and they would like the baths to be built where they are. That is madness due to the fact it would mean the workers loosing their jobs. The baths are not just for the community many local people work there. This should not be an option. Prices square where would everyone park

    • You say The baths are not just for the community.
      But surely that’s exactly why they exist. Employment comes as a result of that usage. more usage = more jobs.
      I agree with you about prices square.
      Here’s a wild card… why not build it on part of north worcs golf course and turn the rest of the course into a public park.

  5. We want it in Longbridge its only down the road , why are we waiting. We can have a new pool in a new town centre that will be used by far more people than it is now.
    Northfield pool is old and as been left to rot by Northfield councillors.
    Dont forget the staff at the pool as long as they keep their jobs thats the main thing we should be talking about.
    We need to watch out here our we might miss out and end up with no pool.
    Longbridge has got to be the best option for all in Northfield district FRANKLEY residents need to have a say as well its for everyone no just Northfield.

  6. when all those tories came to Northfield why did they not come to Sudbury road – Thurlstone road- Edenhurst road- Thelbridge road-and surrounding area?
    Because all these resident want the new pool to be built in Longbridge new town centre.
    This shows tories dont value this part of Northfield ward and always think more of the residents around the old Nortfield town centre shame on them.
    Bono Vox

  7. I do think if we look at the area moving it to Longbridge is the best option. Northfield should be sustainable with the years it has under its belt. Longbridge is becoming a great community hub locals are supporting the move. Especially if it secures local jobs


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