Following a public consultation into the proposed rebuild of Northfield Pool and Leisure Centre, it has been confirmed that the facility will remain in its current location. 

Relocation options dismissed. After considering several relocation options, including the Longbridge redevelopment site and Price’s Square in Northfield town centre, deputy leader Ian Ward told yesterday’s council cabinet meeting that the council had decided that the new centre will be built on the existing site.

Loss of provision. One of the disadvantages of the pool being rebuilt on the current site, is that it will have to close for a period of time, meaning a loss of services in the district. Northfield ward councillor Brett O’Reilly said that he had received assurances that Tiverton Road pool, set for closure in the restructuring of leisure services, will remain open for use by residents and schools until the Northfield rebuild is complete. During the consultation period it was suggested that staff would be utilised in other facilities during the works. 

Iconic building to be lost? Cllr O’Reilly said: “Both myself and Richard Burden MP have already been in correspondence with officers over the retention of the facade which is iconic in Northfield, and we will continue to try to secure its future.” 

Schedule of rebuild. A report on the rebuild proposals was delivered to and discussed privately by Birmingham City Council Cabinet members yesterday.  We will update when  information on the expected schedule of the rebuild is available.  

Cllr O’Reilly said: “After extensive consultation and cost analysis, it is certainly good news for Northfield Town Centre that the leisure centre and pool will remain. It is important to recognise the achievements of all of those that contributed to the consultation process.

“This investment will secure sports and swimming provision in Northfield for generations to come, and shows what a Labour Council can achieve despite the current climate of cuts.”

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  1. Fantastic news buut will it still have a decent sized swimming pool as opposed to a fun pool? The pool at Stechford is a classic example of a job done well although having 2 pools does require a lit of room

  2. That’s great news. For all families children school. Lesson. Will not be disrupted it’s been a building that’s been there years. I remember going from young age. With school. Great news

  3. Mind you….the bit in the report about Cllr Reilly and MP richard Burden trying to secure the future of the facade did make i laff…after they have been spouting about the pool moving to Longbridge for ages :))))

    • Not really. It is certainly true that I personally favoured a move to a new site if possible -both for reasons of space and to allow the existing pool to remain open when the new one was being built. See articles on my website
      The candidates there were likely to be either Price’s Square or Longbridge and -on balance – I preferred the former in order to keep the pool in Northfield town centre.
      Both Brett and I also said throughout the consultation that we wanted to retain the existing facade, whether or not the pool itself moved elsewhere. If it did move, an alternative use would still have had to be found for the existing site so decisions would still have had to be made about what should happen to the facade. In fact, I had already had some exploratory discussions about using the site for some kind of arts/community use, a bit like what was done some years ago with a historic pool building in Lille, France.
      Anyhow, the decision has now been made to rebuild on the existing site so we need to move on. However, decisions about the future of the facade still have to be made in the context of a new leisure facility on the exiting site. I would like to keep the facade if possible. I got the impression from the public consultation that there is a lot of support for that. However, I have also seen some views to the contrary expressed on Facebook over the past day or so. What does everyone think?

  4. The bit that made i laff Richard Burden was the facade will be on the front of a swimming baths…as it was meant to be :)

  5. Why do the baths have to be rebuilt ? Is the structure failing ? Does the pool leak ? Or, is this a case of lets modernise at no expense (except to the ratepayers, as in the example of the Library of Birmingham)

  6. I swim 3 times a week at the Northfield Pool, for health reasons. I am presuming Tiverton Road Pool is the one at Selly Oak. How am I supposed to get there 3 times a week? The perfect solution would have been to keep Northfield open until a new pool was built – there are other sites available in Northfield, other than Longbridge. However, at least Longbridge is easy to get to on public transport. I have been very disappointed in how the City Council behaves for some years and this just adds to my conviction that they really don’t listen to the voice of the people.

  7. If we look to the future,the development of longbridge must take into account the increased family housing developments,what do we say in years to come when not everyone wants to go bowling or play bingo.
    One sport which starts when born until you die is the facility of a swimming pool.
    A swimming facility supports swimming lessons for all ages,rehabilitation for people to get back to fitness,young swimmers to join a swimming club and take up a sport that is for all ages.
    But instead family’s on our new developments can look forward keeping their children fit by letting them push trolleys around yet another supermarket .
    A family ticket for local swimming pool £10 at the most .
    Northfield baths are to small, no parking, old and outdated 30 mtr pool. Go and look at redditch or the new facility for worcester or Bromsgroves plans for the future,we are a city with poor swimming activities can anyone name a swimming club south of Selly oak.
    We have a fantastic opportunity at longbridge to create a facility worthy of what longbridge stood for all those years ago when Lord Austin built a community for everyone.
    Sorry if it sounds a bit strong but do we really want young kids enjoying going round a supermarket aisle as a family day out of sport.


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