Petition now CLOSED for submission to full Birmingham City Council meeting 4/2/14. 448 signatures in total collected online and on paper in under 24 hours. Thanks all for signing


A petition has been started to try and save Northfield’s golf club from being sold to housing developers.

The North Worcestershire Golf Club at Hanging Lane has been on the site for over 100 years. It has been the target of housing developers for a number of years, with rumours about potential sale in 2012 and 2013.

We understand that, at an emergency general meeting last week, members of the club voted to allow the Executive Committee to consider an offer to purchase the land from Bloor Homes, with a view to building around 1000 homes. No final decision has yet been made.

In support of local residents, Longbridge Councillor Andy Cartwright has started a petition for residents opposed to the potential sale. A Facebook group has also been started to “Save Our Golf Club”

Cllr Cartwright said: “We as local residents are calling for NWGC to re consider the sale of an outstanding heritage site. And we ask NWGC to reconsider the sale & work with the city to promote and protect the open space in line with the values set out in Birmingham Development Plan.”

MP for Northfield Richard Burden today confirmed his opposition to house building on the site and pointed out that, at Friday’s district committee meeting at the council house, all parties unanimously opposed the proposals.

Mr Burden wrote: “Of course, none of this stops anyone – including the Golf Club and/or any property developer- from either buying or selling the land, or submitting a planning application to build houses there. Much as I would like to, I can’t conclusively say what the Councillors who sit on the Planning Committee would decide if such an application came up. They have strict procedural rules to follow when considering planning applications.

“However, it will help that the Golf Course is not zoned for housing development in the draft Birmingham development plan and the opposition of all the Councillors from the local area will help too. There are good and substantial reasons why the Golf Course should not be built upon.”

And the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Northfield Rachel MacLean said that Conservative local politicians are also opposed to the building of houses on the site, saying: “I’m happy to confirm that, both myself and my colleagues from Northfield Conservatives – both candidates and sitting Councillors, are naturally opposed to any redevelopment of this land for housing. ”

The petition will be presented to Birmingham City Council at tomorrow’s full council meeting (Tuesday 4th February) by Cllr Cartwright. You can sign the petition below – please include your address or at least your postcode – this will not be publicly visible but helps validate your signature with BCC. Thank you.

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Petition now CLOSED for submission to full Birmingham City Council meeting 4/2/14. 448 signatures in total collected online and on paper in under 24 hours. Thanks all for signing

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  1. […] However, it will help that the Golf Course is not zoned for housing development in the draft Birmingham development plan. The opposition of all the Councillors from the local area will help too. There are good and substantial reasons why the Golf Course should not be built upon. I know that Labour Councillors Ian Cruise, Andy Cartwright and Jess Phillips are already developing materials through which residents like you can also make their views known as effectively as possible. I’m working closely with them on that and a copy of a petition that has been already been drawn up can be found here. […]

  2. We have tonight signed the petition to stop the sale of the Golf Club to developers for housing.We have lived on Elan road for 12 years and we have enjoyed the time here.The traffic has increased,but with another 1000 houses the area will be gridlocked.The outlook from our house is very pleasant and nice to see the golfers enjoying themselves.We shall be involved all the way to see that this sale doesn’t go ahead.

  3. It is ludicrous for more housing to be built in the area. There is enough regeneration as it is with Egghill and Land Rover. Factors to consider for all residents is the impact 1000 housing residents will bring to local services, as well as the impact on traffic and noise. What about any potential flood risks all the new concrete might bring?

    Turn into a park but don’t build anymore houses. We don’t need them!

  4. The city needs more housing…however northfield and longbridge have done there bit. So no more green field site building!! i have lived in northfield for 25 yrs and seen the massive changes.. flats demolished new houses built. it hasnt stopped in 20yrs! I live on a rat run..well it has become one since the woodlands and the n/field by pass were built. another 1000 houses thats about 2000 extra cars and vans. NO WAY. we fought this 2 yrs ago and got “the Golf Course is not zoned for housing development” agreed…However i dont trust Sir Bore to we all need to be vigilant.

  5. I doubt it will happen as the Council will not approve the development as it’s disposal is against the Council’s Open Space policy. It was discussed at Northfield Constituency meeting yesterday under the Birmingham Development Plan, which is available to watch as a webcast video for a number of days (scroll forward to 31mins 29 sec) at…/webcast…/126596

    • There was cross party and strong agreement against the proposed development.
      Also a response from an officer at minute 46.09.
      “The Golf course is open space so any planning application would be judged against both the current and emerging policies that the city council have on open space. That policy is to protect open space from development, so development for housing on North Worcestershire Golf Club would be contrary to Birmingham City Council policy. ”

  6. I am totally against a housing development on the Golf Course, the area is already surrounded by too many new house builds. Local roads are congested for much of the day.
    I live on the section of Tessall Lane between Hanging Lane and the old King George pub; every morning when leaving for work I have a problem joining the queue of traffic outside my house and when returning home I need to queue to get into my drive.

    We have had expensive triple glazed windows fitted but the traffic noise can still be heard especially at the speed that most vehicles travel.
    Because Tessall Lane (once an attractive residential road) is a designated route it is used 24 hours a day by HGV’s, more development will result an increase in this traffic.

    From an environmental point of view building on such a large open space will have a dramatic effect; during periods of heavy rain and they are becoming more common, water already streams off the Golf Course on to surrounding roads.

    A much better use of the land would be to turn it into a recreation area of woods and parkland.

  7. I am a member of NWGC at don’t want to loose my club, it’s OK complaining about houses being built on this area but what are you doing to save the club long term?

    • I am also a member of NWGC I know the Club has said in the past we do not want to sell the Golf Course but due to loss of members it has become very difficult to remain financially viable.
      I remember years ago some residents of Josair Road got a petition to get some of the holes closed because golf balls were going over the boundary and causing damage to their property.
      Some months later there was an article in The Birmingham Mail
      about the Council wishing to build houses on this land the same people got a petition up against this the NIMBY’s
      I think most of the Members would not like the course sold but we are left with no alternative unless the 400 who signed the petition gave us £100 each per year we would be Viable

  8. I have lived on Tessall Lane for the last 23 years and I’m so fed up with all of this. The traffic has significantly increased and so has the problems. Only this morning there was a 30 tonne lorry hurtling past my house and the idiot was on the phone, I do not want to look at another house estate being built. They are not attractive to look at and are so small that the 1000 houses could end up being 1200. Where do these developers get off !! they are only interested in what’s in their pockets at the end of the day, we have to live with a complete and utter mess. We will end up loosing more value on our homes. I appreciate that the club members do not want to sell and I am sure the recession has caused them a lot of problems, I’m sorry, another housing estate is not the solution.

  9. I would like to see the NWGC call a meeting so local residents can put forward their views on why they dont want up to 800 houses built on this site.
    Also i feel they should be able to see plans on what is going to be built on the golf club and find out how this will help the community as the community feel they are not involved.
    All councillors within the Longbridge ward are totally against this and so is MP Richard Burden.
    Please let the 500 people who signed a pettition have a say on what you are doing to change their community.
    Councillor Andy Cartwright
    Longbridge ward

    • Cllr I am with you 100%, how can something so significant be inflicted on our area with a total lack of democracy.

      This must not be allowed to go ahead.

  10. Last i was told the NWGC committe members were all getting a big pay out of up to 50,000 each.
    They are also going to apply for planning to have theses 800-1,000 homes built.
    These could be 2-3-4-5 bedroom houses and i have been told that all councillors from Longbridge…Weoley castle….Northfeild…and MP Richard burden are all against this.
    I do hope this does not happen as it is not welcomed by the local residents and community.
    500 residents signed a pettition in just 24 hours that shows that they dont want this.

    • I knew there was a reason houses were being built on NWGC and it had to be money.
      money makes the world go round and is every mans weakness.
      Im just so sad for the people who live by it what a shame for them.
      More traffic problems on the way thank god we moved to selly oak when we did my heart goes out to all my friends who still live in the area…….. GOOD LUCK hope this dont happen.


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