Two representatives from Bloor Homes attended the monthly Longbridge ward committee meeting tonight, to hear what local residents and elected politicians had to say about plans to redevelop Northfield’s North Worcestershire Golf Club as housing.

But, despite previously confirming that they would address the meeting at Meadows School, the pair sat at the back of the room having refused to speak. 

Cllr Andy Cartwright said: “Tonight’s ward committee was the beginning of residents being able to highlight issues linked to the Golf Course and Meadows. Sadly Bloor homes at the last minute refused to speak, even though they had sent confirmation. They did sit in the audience to observe.”

Following the meeting, Northfield MP Richard Burden tweeted: “[…]Bloor Homes pulled out of meeting Longbridge Ward Cttee over NWorcs Golf Course issue. Bad move. Lots of angry residents.”

And Longbridge Councillor Ian Cruise tweeted: “Bloor Homes ducked out of Ward C’tee tonight. Said it would be like attending a cattle market[…]”

The monthly council ward meeting is attended by councillors, council officers, other community partners and local residents, and tonight around 50 people attended.

Residents will have a chance to see and discuss Bloor’s vision for the site at two consultation events in July.

  • Thursday 10th July 3-8pm
  • Saturday 12th July 10am –  5pm

Both events will be hosted at the Hollymoor Centre, Manor Park Grove, Northfield and all are welcome to attend.

In February, just under 450 people signed a petition against the sale and redevelopment of the 100 year old Hanging Lane club in less than 24 hours. 



  1. As chair of the Lonbridge ward committee i would like to thank all the residents who turned up tonight to put forward their concerns on the NWGC issue.
    This was a chance to hear first hand how people within the Longbridge ward feel about the 800-1,000 homes that could be built on this land.
    To me the message was plain and simple go and build your houses some where else.
    We do not need more traffic in our ward and we have got are fair share of new houses being built in Longbridge.
    Could our schools- doctors surgerys-and roads cope i dont think so.
    The residents that attended the meeting made it load and clear please listern to us.
    One resident talked about the wild life bats owls ect…that live on NWGC that we must take into account.
    Flooding issues was raised and must be addressed.
    also parking issues and the fact that are these houses 2beds or three beds etc…..
    Thank you once again to all those residents for turning up and putting forward some great concerns.

    Councillor Andy Cartwright
    Longbridge ward chair

  2. As a resident on Josiah Road I am dissapointed that we were not invited or informed about this meeting, in fact the only time we have heard from local council rep or MP on this matter is during election time. Our local GP, Schools, dentists are already overstretched and most at capacity they simply will not cope with a sudden surge in new residents. Some residents in Josiah have already experienced flooding during heavy periods of rain fall we have been given no assurances that any environmental impact studies have been conducted including drainage. There is considerable wildlife on the golfcourse land and surrounding trees which requires investigation and potential protection. Has any consideration been made on traffic increase on an already busy system?

    Has Birmingham City Council agreed permission to develop the land as we had been told it was not currently in plans?

    We’ll fight every step of the way to fight this development

    • Hi Michelle. You should have had a leaflet about last nights meeting – we’re told some were delivered to those close to the site. We didn’t publicise this (other than as a normal ward meeting) as we weren’t aware either.
      However, this is still in the early stages. All local elected politicians have expressed opposition to the development.
      The questions you raise are some that politicians have already raised :see link below) and Bloor will have to provide good evidence of how they plan to address them. Planning permission requests have not been prepared and submitted yet.
      The two July dates will be Bloor’s first official attempt at a consultation process. Hope you can attend!

  3. What alternative to housing is being proposed by the councillor and how does he plan to fund the alternative….whatever that is?

  4. It is a well known fact that the demand for homes is greater than the supply. As long as the homes built are affordable I cannot see a problem.

  5. I think the problem is Dave, the present infrastructure would not meet the requirements of another large housing development. It may be that the developers would pay for a new school, health and leisure facilities etcetera to accommodate the requirements of the new residents.
    Who should the houses be affordable for i wonder….private buyers, private landlords to let at high prices, council tenants, immigrants from the EU or the rest of the World.
    People have to live somewhere, but i feel that there are lots of questions to be answered before we can form a solid opinion. The councillor’s and MP above along with the local Tory group, appear to be less than supportive of the development, so i would be keen to hear what alternative plans they have and how they would fund them.

  6. As a resident with a long lease on the verge of the proposed development, I feel we have been ignored in the consultation over this fresh glut of housing developemnt. There should be a buffer region between the length of the Guardian Court Estate-to isolate noise niusance and enhance security to elder residents. As already noted in comments, there is already an overbearing building to satisfy housing demand-but as yet no recognition of the leisure/protected wildlife issues etc.

  7. The local infrastructure would need to expand creating and sustaining more jobs which will benefit local economy who cares where people come from to buy them as long as there are affordable homes for all home buyers from 1st timers to landlords

  8. I care where they come from, we have a housing crisis in the country already without adding to it. Foreign investors are pushing up house prices and private rents, beyond the average persons reach.
    The developers should be happy to improve local infrastructure including schools and roads.

  9. Its not the developers responsibility to improve infrastructure but the businesses and council who benefit from it. Why does it matter where peoe come from as long as they work hard and pay their way

  10. I believe the developers do have a responsibility to not only the potential new residents but also existing local people. It matters if foreign investors are pushing up house prices and rents. The gov’t are already having to take action to curb house price rises which is making owning and renting unaffordable.

  11. The governments help to buy scheme is pushing house prices up on new build only thats all they need to do is refine that scheme to stop investors abusing it. Generally house prices are only going up ridiculously in and around London. Also why should developers foot the bill for upgrading infrastructure? It is a well known fact Britain has the oldest most inefficient housing stock in Europe these new developments help reduce the carbon footprint of the uk plus there is a shortage of housing stock again another thing the developers are helping reduce. The council and local businesses are going to gain the most from areas being regenerated so should foot the bill for the infrastructure.

  12. It looks like the government are refining the options and criteria for its first time buyers. House prices are not just rising in and around London, with the West Midlands also seeing above average rises. I feel that developers should (and will have to anyway if they want to build) accommodate the requirements of its buyers as part of their plan. No doubt the new houses are of a better green construction than in the past, however there is much more that could be done while still offering the developers a good return if they were serious about it. Very much will depend on the type and content of a development as to who will benefit.

  13. House prices really are not rising locally I brought a house in 2008 recently sold it after spending £20,000.00 plus. This was on new central heating double glazing new drive fitted kitchen and bathroom landscape gardening plus new staircase all the jobs completed are to the highest quality yet we still lost £5,000 on purchase price.


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