GE2019 | 500 Words: Gary Sambrook • Conservative • Birmingham Northfield


As part of our 2019 General Election coverage, we have contacted each candidate standing in Northfield, Bromsgrove, Edgbaston and Selly Oak constituencies asking them to contribute to this election’s ‘500 Words’ series.

Each candidate has been invited to describe themselves and their campaigns in their own words. Their submissions will be published without editing, in the order that they are received. Should they be longer than 500 words, they will be cropped.

Gary Sambrook • Conservative • Birmingham Northfield

It’s easy to forget, but in 2010 the country looked very different. Public finances in chaos. Out-of-control spending. More and more people unemployed. So we should remember just how far we’ve come. Together, as a country, we took the tough decisions – and we turned the economy around.

Our public finances are under control. Our economy is growing. 3.7 million more people are in work. And our priorities are starting to get the attention they deserve. This is real progress. And it could all be lost in a few short weeks.

Locally, there’s so much we can achieve as well. We’ve got a plan – and we’re working to deliver it.

–       We want to build more homes local people can afford.

–       Improve our train services at Kings Norton, Northfield and Longbridge.

–       Helping more local people into work.

–       And reduce crime by putting more police on the beat in our area.

Don’t be in any doubt, the only way to get Brexit done is by voting for me your Conservative Candidate. Voting for anyone else means another remain MP causing more delay and uncertainty.

The last three years have felt like a lifetime. Parliament has proven itself incapable of getting Brexit done. So we need a new set of MP’s who are committed to delivering Brexit so we can all move on and focus on the NHS, the police and schools.

Birmingham has been dominated by labour for years. We’ve had a Labour MP for decades. Birmingham council is run by Labour – and they can’t even run a bin service which works!

They have blamed their failures on the Government rather than taking action to actually improve peoples lives and our local area. They have just passed the book rather than taking action to help.

Birmingham Northfield is the most marginal seat in Birmingham and the bookies have the race as a dead heat. Your vote could decide who is our next Prime Minister.

Labour has proposed many things, all claiming to be free. But this is simply not true, because YOU the taxpayer will have to pay.

Whether that is with there new homes tax which will affect pensioners, single parents and young professionals the most. Costing them an extra £300 a year. Or increasing tax on things like fuel and plane tickets.

Offering to re-nationalise trains, water, electricity, and even make broadband free.

But we all know here in Birmingham they can’t collect the bins properly – how on earth are they going to run a national broadband company?

We have a chance to make a difference. You can either elect me your local Conservative candidate who will get Brexit done and will work with the community to make our area a better place. Or you can have more of the same. More years of under investment. More years of uncertainty and under action on the big issues affecting Birmingham Northfield.



A chance to hear directly from your candidates, any hustings we are aware of will be listed below. Please let us know of any not listed.

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  1. People forget that Boris Johnson blocked Brexit – May’s deal. Now he’s negotiated a harder deal that will push bring the break up of the UK nearer than ever before and make it very hard for our manufacturing sector to compete.

  2. Come on Micheal get with it, you just need to believe more and rewrite history with lies and doublespeak like a good sheep. Just remember the last nine years of austerity cuts to police numbers, schools, youth services and social care budgets never happened whilst the Conservatives were in charge. That’s all labour’s fault for bailing out the banks in 2007-2008. I’d say you couldn’t make it up but they have.

    Like Aladin expressed, we don’t live in a DEMOCRACY anymore, we live in a DICTATORSHIP were MP’s who weren’t consulted with or had any say in writing the deal just have to agree and vote with the tiny wing of ruling Conservative party regardless of their own views and concerns for their whole electorate and own party members,or they will be labled traitors to democracy, by people who have voted once or twice in their life and love a simplistic worthless soundbite.

    You hear people say that the MP’s should have gotten together after the referendum and sorted it, I agree, just a shame the governing (I use that word laughingly) party didn’t think the same, but sadly they wouldn’t allow any other party a say on the deal. When May lost her majority she still wouldn’t talk to other parties to get a cross party agreement, and yet its the other parties fault we haven’t left yet.

    Given the party colours never has the blue plill/red pull anology been more apt.

    Take the red pill VoteNHS GE2019.

  3. Take the red pill, and let the little boys and girls in the Party resort to type and spend spend spend with money they do not have; and then subsequently lose the next election and force the next mug government to go on a round of austerity to pay off the debt – again!

    Thatcher’s (in)famous quote “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” has never been more apposite.

    But then again politicians of all colours are as equally treacherous and duplicitous, especially over the last 3 years and the farce that is Brexit.

    In the context of the true meaning of Democracy, perhaps John Donne’s “No Man is an Island” could do with a tweak!

  4. Your spending point would make sense if you didn’t have to insinuate labour’s spending before the financial crash was excessive or out of control, it wasn’t and neither was the country’s  debt,until they were forced to bail out the bankers. They’d actually reduced the debt left by John Major, which had doubled whilst he held office. Take the red pill, check the historical  facts, they don’t lie like Tory politicians or people who’ve taken the blue pill.

    Your point about socialism running out other people’s money might also make sense if the ” boys and girls”, of the Conservative government, hadn’t almost doubled the country’s debt  to over 2 trillion with their failed 9 year austerity plan.
    By their own measures, austerity was meant to bring down the deficit and grow the economy and start clearing the debt.
    How’s that going after 9 years?

    How exactly is that “Long-Term Economic Plan” working out.?
    How much has it Lowered the value of the £?

  5. And what has the country got for that doubling of national debt and weakening of currency by the Tory government??????
    20,000 less police,
    Worst NHS performance and satifaction figures ever recorded.
    4. 4million people on a NHS waiting list,
    A&E waiting times in England hit worst-ever level.
    insufficient nurse numbers, (the nurses we have got are working longer for less pay)
    Scores of failed UTC’s and studio schools,
    A record number of foodbanks,
    A creaking Social care system.
    Closures of hundreds of youth, magistrate and Crown courts, rising street crime numbers,
    Riots on the streets and prisons, Grenfell, Windrush, hostile environment, I could go on but Chris Grayling costly mistakes alone would take me a while to list.

    I don’t know, maybe you think austerity has worked,and all those things were planned and worth the Conservatives doubling of national debt.???

    I don’t.

    voteNHS GE2019

  6. Is anything I said untrue?

    Of course you can deflect away from your factual inaccuracies and un-nuanced version of history,it’s easier than confronting inconvenient truths and answering pretty basic questions about the government you support and the results of their policies.

    I’d rather talk about the fact that it is this Conservative government that’s been in power for 9 years and that its their long term economic austerity plan that has failed and left the country poorer in so many ways.

    VoteNHS GE2019

  7. Interesting labour wants to borrow billions from.bankers an institution that were bailed out
    It then goes on to say leaving eu will effect trade getting poorer but what is our biggest export you guest it financial services
    Can’t have your cake and eat it

    Labour sexist they want to bribe the waspi women but neglect men who had to wait another year for there pension obviously not a vote catcher

    Well let’s teach our kids don’t spend what you earn get it on finance

    If you were around in the 70s you would run away from nationalisation

    Corbyn spent a lifetime against eu now for votes he sits on his beliefs not a leader an opportunist

  8. The problem is Derek, if any government ran their country’s economy like you ran your own finances and teach your kids, the country would go tits up before you could finish saying Dunning-Kruger.

    Do you realise the conservatives have borrowed more in the last nine years than labour did bailing out the banks?

    In your economic system, if borrowing to invest is off the table, how would you create growth and increase productivity in the economy ?

    On spending if you don’t want to increase taxes for the top 5% of earners and there’s no growth in the economy to invest ,
    how are you going to increase investment to schools, nurses, doctors, police and other public services that up until now,have been cut severely year on year? or maybe you think austerity should continue?

    voteNHS GE2019


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