Man (72) arrested after steward injured in Velo ‘road rage’ incident in Rubery


West Midlands Police have confirmed that a 72 year old man has been arrested after a Velo steward was injured in a suspected road rage attack in Rubery this morning (Sunday 12th May).

The steward – a 59 year old man from Plymouth – suffered a suspected fractured hip after allegedly being deliberately driven at at the junction of New Inns Lane and Cross Farms Lane during the 100 mile road cycling event.

A 72-year-old Northfield man was later arrested in Bromsgrove.

Anyone with information is asked to contact West Midlands Police on Live Chat at (8am – midnight) or to call 101 any time. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit  Please quote log 936 of 12/5.


  1. Well what a complete chaos situation. Not many people got a letter to say there was going to be a race. There were road closure signs but no diversion signs until you got to the redditch road. When i asked a steward where are the crossing routes he shrugged his shoulders and said dunno i dont live round here. Complete chaos it was typical council

    • Nonsense, it’s been signposted for weeks with maps on the events website showing every road closure and every diversion. If you’re trying to justify this persons actions because they didn’t “receive a letter”, you’re even stupider than they are.

      • No i was not justifying what that bloke did to the steward. I am on about poor sighn posting lack of diversion signs and lack of sat nav communication. Stupid read before you post

    • Everyone had information posted by the royal mail about a month before the event, which was from the council regarding road closures ect.
      I don’t condone what that Bloody idiot did, but to blame it on not having information is, in my view totally incorrect.

      • We didn’t receive anything and we lived on the route, they closed our road an hour early as well. Awfully ran event.

  2. A lot of the problem seems to be the marshalls. My wife tried to get to mass this morning at St Brigids and on turning left at the Black Horse was immediately told to turn back (even though the cycle route was half a mile away!) She said “how do I get to church” and they let her through. We need to know how they recruit the marshalls. Are they volunteers , are they employed. Clearly they haven’t been properly trained in how to advise on what alternative routes to take in view of Andy’s comment.

  3. Needs to put in country side away from city. Simple . We pay road tax to drive on ALL roads so noone had right to close road because of a bloody bike ride.

    • Not bloody likely. It is a Velo Birmingham event and should be in Birmingham. We kicked it out of Worcestershire for that very reason.

    • The amount of tax paid is related to the vehicle’s emissions. Bikes emit no pollution so are exempt from “road tax” like some low polluting cars are.

      Just because you pay “road tax” it doesn’t give you any more right to the road than others!

      • Precisely Dan. Bikes do not cause any damage to our roads or as you say, cause any pollution. I understand that people want to get around, but we did have fair warning, especially in the form of large bright yellow metal signs that were out for weeks before the event. I am sure some people drive around with their eyes closed. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and spent a lazy 4 1/2 hours cheering on the riders in my local area.

  4. Utter chaos took me 20 minutes to get to northfield when normally takes 5 minutes. After church went a different way and there were Road Closed all over the place eventually got home 1 hour 35 minutes later. I asked several marshals which way got the same reply dont live here so dont know. There were no diversion signs anywhere.

  5. I sincerely hope that vile man get’s what he deserves for running over a steward. What an absolutely disgraceful way to behave. Sending the steward best wishes for a full recovery.

  6. For the person on the ” i pay road tax” crusade. Actually you dont pay road tax on your car you pay VED which is based on emissions, a bike has no emissions hence no ved. Most cyclists also have cars anyway this is 2019 you know are have you slipped through a time warp. The upkeep of the roads is paid for by local taxation of which we all pay for so it makes no difference if you drive ride or walk we all pay for road upkeep. Nuthing like being properly informed before starting the “i pay road tax rant ” so you dont look silly. Where ever you set such an event city/ town or country it will always inconvenience someone. Its one day in a year, its advertised for months, plan for it. Don’t expect the world to revolve around yourself as the person running the Marshall down obviously thinks.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the cycle event yesterday here in West Heath – it was quite a sight seeing big groups of cyclists toiling their way up Lilley Lane, around West Heath island and down Cofton Road and along Groveley Lane. Lots of local people turned out to see it and the cyclists frequently thanked the people for supporting them. West Heath looked very attractive in the lovely spring sunshine and it was a good chance for people from elsewhere to see how nice it is round here. Our area is usually ignored by Birmingham City Council so here was something for us to enjoy and showcase our area.
    That said some of the road closures were a real problem – one part of West Heath seemed completely cut off from the other side of it and I certainly couldn’t work out a solution which did not involve a detour of several miles. The Council, with its usual incompetence, did not appear to have any detour routes on display for drivers and it’s not surprising that some people were upset. I think it’s great for us all to take a day off from driving around so we can watch the spectacle but some people HAD to have access (one young man who did lose his temper was unable to get to his elderly gran who had been waiting 2 hours for him and he was very worried about her) and the Council did not seem to take this into consideration. The stewards I observed were very calm and were doing their best to help people and handling tricky situations very well.
    Everyone I spoke to enjoyed seeing the event pass through West Heath and hope we see it again next year. Some people suggested we should try to make it a real community event next time. But things would be even better if this hopeless Council could get its act together next time.

    • I agree totally Graham- the Council needs to pull the Community along with the event. The event does a lot for charity and it is good to see something big happening in Brum that catches the national interest.
      However if it is badly organised like this one it makes people feel very bad about it and lays down problems for any future reruns.
      Looking at some of the posts on other sites one of the problems seems to be that the information which roads were closed was a bit vague or rather should I say limited. I looked at the map on the website and assumed only the roads where cyclists were actually cycling would be blocked. But it looks like some stewards decided to set up road blocks well before these points on some roads to stop cars getting access to anywhere near the point where the cyclist were racing. Whether they had the legal power to do this I do not know.
      Well lets hope the Council learns from its mistakes and simply doesn’t pat itself on the back and ignore the problems.

  8. What is wrong with the most of commentators here. It is a wonderful event for people with courage and competitive spirit. We all should be welcoming and cheering them in our streets and support marshals who are mostly volunteers. Do you know that one of the cyclist died in this event yesterday? I am not proud of my neighbourhood where steward was attacked in the road rage. Information about this event was all over internet and in local newspapers. All we can do is to sacrifice our weekend routine to make event like this happen.

  9. The event was fantastic but i totally agree about more information and planning, There seem to be to many road closures around West Heath and Kings Norton, Coventry was one of the early towns on the route and there roads re opened at 12.30 surely the roads around West Heath did not need to close until at least 11am

  10. The whole thing was an utter shambles! My road was closed and I had to park right down the road and after an early hour flight and exhausted with cases I wasnt happy I had to park down the road and walk up.
    I DIDNT have any correspondence telling me about the event and nothing was signposted in Rubery!
    It was ridiculous and I wasn’t happy. What an utter load of crap for residents!!!

  11. Pensioner road rage omg.
    What’s wrong with people today,this event has raised millions of pounds for good causes.
    Yes maybe the council could have organized it better,but people will still moan.
    I decided to get plasted in the garden for the day,with barbie and beer.
    So it couldn’t have worked out any better.
    Fair play to all the good hearted folk that took part.
    Now on ya bike…😀😀😀😀

  12. People saying you pay road tax the riders dont.. most people ride this even for charity events risking there life and health for a cause that help’s someone!
    Also there is a charge to be in the race £100+ pounds so isnt that enough to use a road.
    Signs were up for weeks before the race its one day park closest and walk its not like it was raining and if disabled the stewards help the car thru.
    I do think that roads could have been stagered closing and opening when needed for the event but theres no need for any one to get hurt esp when there volenteers! Discusting behaviour

    • The charge goes to a private company which make a profit from public roads so you are not paying to use the roads.

  13. Good grief do some people whinge without looking at the bigger picture.

    First world problems clearly exist for some; slightest bit of inconvenience and all of a sudden its the end of the world (for a few hours)

    It’s all about “me!” clearly. Never mind about the good causes, the charity work, the many volunteers, and ultimately to the people who will benefit the most. But let’s not think about that: let’s think about “me”, and that I can’t go shopping, or I can’t park my car outside my house, or blah blah blah.

    Better organisation was clearly the biggest issue, but the way the NIMBYs bleat over a few hours of inconvenience is perhaps even more telling.

  14. I took part in the event, riding a small-wheeled Moulton, raised £1,000 for the QEHB Charity. It was a great route and the event planning was infinitely better than for the inaugural ride, in connection with which there were inevitable teething problems. I just want to say a very big thank-you to all the marshals, and to everyone who was out around the course supporting the riders. The costumes, pots and pans being bashed, occasional band, and kindly offered drinks, really help one round.

    Of course, as with any big event, there are bound to be some few problems. But it’s important not to get these out of proportion. The fact is that the event has been known about for many months, with residents sent detailed leaflets, which steered one to further detail online. Great big yellow signs up all over the place too, well in advance of the event. Some people obviously wander or drive around in a clueless daze. Instead of moaning, take the opportunity to join the majority, having a good time, and enjoying themselves.

    Much of the negative comment is, at best, ill-informed. There is no such thing as road tax. Local roads are paid for out of council taxes, which all households pay. Most bike riders also own a car, so pay vehicle excuse duty. However one seeks to excuse it, driving at a marshal, or driving a car across the course, between the riders, is just plain ignorant and stupid. I hope that both drivers are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As to the silly comments about not being able to get to church, etc., how about just planning ahead a little? I saw marshals, who are volunteers by the way, facilitating important access requests all around the course.

    Let’s focus on the positives. A great advert for Birmingham and its surrounding towns and villages. A huge and positive welcome from thousands of local supporters. Millions raised for charity. Exercise both experienced and promoted. It’s a great event, and should be supported by all. If your heart is not big enough for that, then perhaps at least keep stupid, prejudiced, ill-informed comments to oneself.

    Thanks again, particularly to Balsall Heath Methodist Church. Those few gulps of tea were an absolute life-saver!

  15. I attended a talk by one of the charity fund workers of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday evening. This year they are hoping to raise £3 million to support a very wide range of services at our local hospital. One thousand of the cyclists in the Velo Birmingham event were raising money for the QE Hospital fund. So not only was it a special event for local people to come out and watch and enjoy but a great deal of money was raised for the hospital which serves us all. So let’s not moan too much about the road closures.

    • I agree but the Council need to get their act together and iron out the problems. Carers etc need to be able to get to people they are caring for as do the emergency services etc etc. Information about road closures need to be more accurate. Otherwise next time it is run the same bad feeling will surface again with possibly more unpleasant incidents with the risk that the race may end up being stopped altogether which would be a shame.
      Its a problem that’s soluble but my concern is that the Council, given its track record, will not review the running of the race and simply repeat the same mistakes again when it is next run.

      • I agree with everything you have written, GG70. Unfortunately we can have no confidence that the people who run this present council, given their record, will do any better next time – I hope that, for once, they can do better as the fun and spectacle of the event and it’s benefit to charities should not be ruined by poor organisation by the council.

  16. Raising money for charity can actually be achieved by other means: it is not necessary to have a cycle race.
    We should also remember that a participant died (in Warwickshire), one steward has been injured, one man allegedly arrested, plus all the other road rage incidents, some of which we witnessed. The issue is: why are cyclists more important than local residents whose freedom of movement was blocked?

    There has been a deafening silence on these problems from the Council leader: upon what basis can you hope that matters will be any different next time?

    Would it not be appropriate, in view of the problems, that the race is cancelled in future?

    • Firstly, the Vélo is not a race. That a participant died is a tragedy, but in itself this is no reason for the event to be cancelled. It is not uncommon for marathons to claim a life, but London and Newcastle don’t suggest on that basis that the events should not be repeated. I’ve not seen anyone claim that cyclists are “more important”, so you are arguing against a claim that’s not been made.

      A marshal was indeed injured, due to the rank stupidly of a driver. That driver has, rather than is alleged to have, been arrested, and quite rightly. If the suggestion is that road rage is a consequence of having a cycling event, then you might want to drive around the city any day of the week, when you’ll see that those inclined towards road rage don’t need an excuse.

      In life there is always room for improvement. In connection with this event those may indeed include improvements regarding diversions. This is only the second time the event has been run, and only the first time following this course. Let’s travel positively, looking to improve things, sure, but without engaging in NIMBY-ism or, frankly, moaning for the sake of it. Life’s too short. Enjoy it.

      Again, many thanks to all those, by far the huge majority, who made the event such an enjoyable one.

  17. Not sure if people are right to be blaming the council for poor organisation,according to the Velo website the council are partners like Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Warwickshire councils,QE hospital ect.

    It seems the organisers are a private company called CSM Active Ltd Company Reg 10225082, who’s parent company is CSM Sport And Entertainment Holdings Ltd Company Reg 07795755.

    who’s accounts say the ultimate parent company and controlling party was PM VII S.a.r.l, a company incorporated and registered in Luxembourg.

    The largest group for which the group financial statements are prepared and of which the group is a member is Chime Group Holdings Ltd Company Reg 09702342
    and a smallest group for which the group financial statements are prepared and of which the group is a member is Chime Group Ltd Company Reg 09780352

    any complaints or recommended improvements might be better aimed at or

  18. iv heard nothing about the nurses that could not get through or the horse and foal that died because a stewart would not let the across the cycle track even when there were no cyclist in site dont they have walkie talkies or contact numbers for emergences complete mess up

  19. Regarding the role of Birmingham City Council, only they could legally be responsible for imposing temporary road closure orders, without which the race could never have been organised. It has been stated by our local (Conservative) councillor that this race was imposed upon residents by the council without any consultation – as he is the elected representative, presumably he knows.

    And, if the race was such a resounding success, why has there been such a deafening silence from the council, after yet another ‘event’?

    • is a deafening silence? or is it’s just because they aren’t the organiser’s and don’t have much to say or occasions or reason to say anything. What would you have them say? where would they say it?

      Yes, they might be the ones with the legal authority to impose temporary road closure orders ect, but surely they and the other councils would just be facilitating the plans of the organisers because legally they have to for it to take place and guide the organisers through centro and other public bodies legal obligations.

      i’m not fussed either way about the race,and don’t get me started on the charity aspect,but other than inconvenience for a few people along the router can’t see any harm in it. and like most people,i don’t know or have enough information to know what the extent of council involvement, as a partner,involves or what they are legally obligated to do for the organisers but i know enough to know i don’t know enough,hence the questions..

      you mention “imposed without consultation” is your councillor stating publicly if he’s against the race being run or just that it’s been imposed?
      i only ask Gerald because unless I’ve heard a councillor or MP “state” something publicly i take claims like those, like i do tequila ,with a large pinch of salt.

      do you think we should have been consulted? even if they are not legally obliged to?


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