Twin brothers camp on Kings Norton Green to highlight need for support for abuse victims


Twin brothers from Birmingham, who suffered sexual abuse as teenagers in a children’s home in Northern Ireland, are camping on The Green in Kings Norton as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the need for proper support for victims of abuse.

Bobby and Joe Blair were taken into foster care at Rubane House in County Down in 1977, where they were beaten and subjected to sexual abuse.

They waived their right to anonymity to tell their story the The Irish Sun in 2015, after giving evidence at the ­Historical Abuse Inquiry in Northern Ireland.

Now, to raise further awareness, the brothers are camping out through the winter, planning to eventually take their campaign to Westminster.


  1. Nice pair of lads, spoke to them this evening. They aren’t doing this for any reason other than to help others who have had similar experiences. They should be supported and commended for fighting this cause. All they want is for people to listen.

  2. Good luck to you both, stand proud and be heard, we fully support your campaign to raise awareness for victims of abuse and support you all the way!

  3. I feel for these guys, I really do. What they have been through is horrible and something no man/woman or child should ever have to go through. However I walked past with my daughter today who read the poster and started asking lots of questions about whipping and sex acts. Not a conversation I want to have with a 8 year old. I completely understand the need to spread awareness but surely there is a way of doing it without passing children seeing the posters and asking questions.

    • I understand your point, but sweeping facts under the carpet is exactly how predators go undetected. Why should they hide what they went through? Perhaps if society were more open, our next generation will be more informed and less likely to be subjected to this abhorrent crime. Children ask questions when they are ready to. Your reply to that question (as a parent) needs to encompass appropriate vocabulary. Just my opinion x


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