UPDATE 25th June: Cryptosporidium, a chlorine resistant parasite, has been found in the small pool. The pool will remain CLOSED until the pool has tested clear of the bug. The gym remains open as usual. We will update as able. Full details

Both pools at Northfield Leisure Centre have been closed for thorough cleaning after a child defecated in the pool yesterday morning (Tuesday 14th June). 

Readers were concerned when the pools were suddenly closed and schools informed parents that swimming lessons were being cancelled.

A spokeswoman for Serco, who run the centre, today confirmed the cause of the closure. She said: “The swimming pools are currently closed for thorough cleaning after a child defecated in the pool yesterday. This is a precautionary measure and the pools will reopen once tests have confirmed the water quality is safe for swimmers and all necessary actions have been taken.

“In light of recent events at Cocks Moors Woods Swimming Pool, we will be testing for Cryptosporidium as an extra precaution.” she added.

The pool at Cocks Moors Woods in Kings Heath was closed last month after reports of swimmers becoming sick. Cryptosporidium, which is resistant to chlorine, was found at the site which is set to remain closed for several more weeks.

Serco are also reminding customers that babies/toddlers must wear a swim nappy in the pool and asking individuals who have had diarrhoea to refrain from swimming in any public pool for at least 14 days after the symptoms have cleared up.

The gym facilities at the centre are open as normal. It is unclear at present how long cleaning and testing will take, but we will update when we can.


    • Hi. They are awaiting clear test results so can’t be certain until they get those back. We will update this post as soon as we hear anything though!


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