West Midlands Police have praised the bravery of four local women following the sentencing of a 43 year old Longbridge man for rape and assault over a period of 16 years. 

Local man John Dennis, better known as Tommy, was originally arrested for rape and assault following an incident in September 2013. The arrest prompted three more local woman to come forward with complaints of historic rape. 

Dennis was sentenced to ten years in prison for several counts of rape and assault, dating from 1997-2013, at Birmingham Crown Court last week.  

Detectives stressed that historic rape is still worth reporting as they can support victims and still gather evidence to prosecute and praised the bravery of Dennis’ victims in coming forward. 

Detective Inspector Ian Ingram, said: “We don’t underestimate how difficult it can be for some sex crime victims to disclose offences – that’s why we have a team of officers specially trained to deal sensitively with victims, offer support and guide them through the process.

“We always take reports of rape seriously…and victims needn’t worry if offences occurred many years ago because we can still build compelling evidence against offenders.

“I’d like to thank the women who came forward and supported our investigation…I hope they can take some comfort from the fact their attacker is now starting a long prison sentence.

DI Ingram urged anyone who has suffered a sexual assault, or domestic abuse, to call West Midlands Police in confidence on 101 for support and action. 



  1. Sorry …don’t think long enough that .. should of been life ..he’ll be out in seven years and if your that sick in the head you always will be .h’ll be in a cell on protection with like minded people talking about there thrills . No justice … nonce

  2. I agree Carlitto – should have been a LOT longer! The guy was notorious for these offences for many, many years. There are more victims out there… the man should be left to rot!!!


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