Tomorrow sees polling stations open for a by-election for a new West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, following the sudden death of Bob Jones in June.

Some political commentators have forecast that turnout will be unprecedentedly low for the by-election, which is set to cost around £3.7 million. During the last PCC election, only 12% of those eligible to vote did so at a time when there was much publicity across the region, and country.

So who is standing? The candidates are:

  • Les Jones (Conservative)
  • David Jamieson (Labour)
  • Ayoub Khan (Lib Dem)
  • Keith Rowe (UKIP)

See the ITV Central website for information on the candidates

So, will you be going out to exercise your democratic right to vote tomorrow?

Will you be voting in the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner by election on Thursday 21st August?

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  1. Candidate details leaflet arrived a week after the postal vote form, as these will be a much larger than usual percentage of the vote, and had been cast before the details arrived, it was just a matter of vote blind for either of the two main parties, as this is where the winner will come from. Where were the fringe candidates that we had last time, I vaguely remember voting for a former cop on the assumption that they may at least know something about policing!


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