Navigation InnLocal businesses and residents are concerned once more after it came to light that Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd have put forward several planning applications during the Summer Holiday, to construct a small store on the car park of the Navigation Inn, Kings Norton.

Despite previous planning applications turned down by Birmingham’s City Planning Committee submitted in May 2012, 2 separate applications have been lodged since August 8th, both by Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd and one joint application along with Spirit Pub Company –

A proposal for : Erection of a local food store (Use Class A1) on public house car park with associated ATM, car parking and landscaping.
Application reference – 2014/05591/PA

A proposal for : Display of 5 internally illuminated fascia signs, 2 internally illuminated projecting signs, 5 non-illuminated panel signs and 3 non-illuminated car park signs.
Application reference – 2014/05791/PA

A proposal for : Installation of Plant equipment.
Application reference – 2014/05790/PA

On top of this is it also understood from literature displayed on posts nearby that they are also submitting an alcohol licence application.

An earlier bid by Kings Norton History Society to include the Navigation Inn within the conservation area around Kings Norton green has also been rejected.

It is believed that the Midland Co-Operative Society Ltd are considering a revamp of their buildings, a site currently owned opposite the Navigation, and have also submitted planning applications.

The car park is currently used by approximately 100 parents to drop their children off at nearby Kings Norton Primary School, with many pupils and parents unaware of the applications submitted, given it is the Summer Holiday.

Fears such as increased parking around the Historic Kings Norton green, with spaces already at a premium, loss of trade to nearby shops around the green and an increase in traffic volume along with noise to nearby houses caused by delivery lorries, are just some of the problems that are on many peoples minds.

Worries on what impact this store may have on the Navigation Inn and its future, is also high on the agenda.

Kings Norton Ward Chair, Councillor Valerie Seabright called together other Councillors and members of the previous campaign committee last week to organise a public meeting asap. Details of this will be announced shortly so concerned parties can attend and voice their opinions.
Paper petitions will be appearing in premises around the Green.

The deadline for comments so a decision can be made was preliminary set for 04 September, however this has now been pushed back as it was voiced that not enough time was given due to the time of year and a lot of people being unaware due to holidays.

In the meantime, before the public meeting is arranged, you can give your view in two ways –
Online by visiting


** UPDATE **


There has been a PUBLIC MEETING arranged for Tuesday 2nd September 7.00pm at –

The Bulls Head Public House, The Green, Kings Norton.

Interested Parties and members of the public are welcome to attend and express their view on this possible development.



The period for comment on the application relating to the proposed store –

Reference (2014/05591/PA) will be extended up until 18th September.

The application for the store will be reported to Planning Committee (not dealt with under delegated powers), preferably on the same agenda as the application relating to the existing Co-op buildings at 287 Pershore Road South.

The planning Application for the Co-op has now been received under reference (2014/06082/PA), application was received 28.08.2014.

In writing to –
Birmingham City Council
Planning and Regeneration
PO Box 28
B1 1TU


  1. Dont let them Kings Heath,
    Northfield crap 1butchers left 1 Green grocers,
    Longbridge West Heath Turvesgreen no butchers no Green grocers, these big companies are killing the independant trader.
    I now travel to Cotterage (lots shutting there) Rubery few left Bromsgrove, and Kings Heath to get fresh meat, fruit and veg and bread. Hate having to use the not so supermarkets quality is just not as good and hate being part of the cattel market. Kings Heath say NO.

  2. I’m all for keeping local pubs open but the Navigation is a terrible pub. If the brewery invested more into thr pub they would get more customers and no one would want it shut down. At the moment it would be no loss to the community. As for parents using the car park, why aren’t you walking your kids to school?

  3. Think it’s fair to say the pub has had it’s hey day. Still it’s no reason to turn it over to sainsburys even with help from the pub it’s self!!
    I believe that any supermarket will be detrimental to the area not least to the traders on the green and surrounding area.
    I was totally dismayed when they started charging for yhe car park after people had campaigned to stop it being used as supermarket.
    But I also believe we have to move forward and create jobs for the local people of KN.


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