Update 4/5/13: This offer has now ended. Organisers had 419 applications and sold 1012 tickets at half price to local residents.

Regular price tickets are still available from thefusionfestival.co.uk/tickets


From Fusion Festival organisers:

We’d also like to announce a special offer for all residents of the B31 and B45 postcodes.

People living in those areas will be able to apply for up to four tickets per household, at a special price of £17.50 for a single day ticket or £30 for a two-day ticket, with a booking fee of £2.50 per order. The offer is limited to one application per household.

There are two ways to apply – email info@thefusionfestival.co.uk, or call 0207 751 2705 during office hours and leave your details.

PLEASE NOTE: this half price ticket offer is limited to 1000 tickets on a first come first served basis
Closing date for applications is Friday 3rd May.


  1. where does that leave us locals who have already booked up then? Think its only fair we get a refund on our paid fee?

  2. I’ve just emailed them (as a local resident) Sas, I bought three tickets when the sales first came online. I’ll let you know what happens!

  3. I feel like we’ve been done here.

    I’ve paid full price on the first day (as have a lot of my friends).

    Bit naughty this being released afterwards!

  4. I also local and brought mine opening day, not happy to say the least. Have also emailed them.
    If residants got special offers should have been told before

  5. @rob I think this is slightly different and you know it.

    For one this is not an item bought in a shop but an event ticket and therefore a completely different set of laws apply in regards to selling them. So your point above is someone invalid in this discussion.

    Obviously just on the wind up!

  6. If tickets were going to be on sale at a reduced rate for locals it should have been stated from day 1, I have purchased 4 full priced tickets for weekend and can honestly say this is very poor.

    Looking forward to there response on this issue!!!

  7. I agree! I brought 2 tickets for Saturday would have done whole weekend but with booking fee and postage it worked out expensive! I paid £80! half price would of been nice!

  8. Well, it’s not that different. You bought tickets at a price they were on sale for at a time they were available. Had the event sold out, you would have tickets and others would not – the discount for locals has been introduced as there are still tickets to sell.

    You were willing to pay the advertised price, and paid it. Others chose not to, just like in a shop.

    I’m not trying to wind anyone up, really. The organiser’s haven’t done anything wrong. It could just as easily have been that people who didn’t get in quick at full price would have missed out. That’s the chance you take buying, or not, at any price.

  9. No Rob I didntt want to pay £80 for 2 tickets but for my daughter! who was desperate to go, at only 14 and being a responsible parent I woukdnt let her go without an adult so my older daughter is going too so Thats 2 tickets to buy, I understand what your saying but do feel a percentage of the tickets should have gone to locals at a reduced price b4 general sale, especially if this is to be an annual event, maybe then there woukdnt be as much negative comments like I’ve heard and read about the noise , pollution and traffic! be kind to your neighbours and they will be kind to you

  10. Hi Sas, I’ve emailed them and I got a response. You need to call them to see if they can offer you something. I can’t say anymore than that but if you all hurry you may get something to compensate (but you definitely will NOT get refunds). You’ll need your ticket reference numbers from the site you paid to get them. email – info@thefusionfestival.co.uk

    (and Rob – stop being pedantic, they should have done this at the beginning!)

  11. Oh and obviously explain why you are emailing them and what you are asking for particularly that your not happy about already buying your tickets and now seeing this offer for local residents!

  12. bit confused. i emailed the fusion address re having already bought tickets and they gave me a phone number to ring…since i couldnt find this anywhere on ‘fusions festival’ sight i checked it out and it appears to be the number for a company selling items on Amazon ( i’m over cautious ).so I tried the number at the bottom of the main fusion website page instead and they didnt know anything about discounts, so who actually is offering the discounts? The person replying to my e mail never gives a name or what would seem like a correct company reply? x

      • could someone provide some official comfirmation that this is not a rogue site trying to fleece everyone of there money? Sounds to good to be true which normally means it is!

        • This information was given to us by fusion festival PR contact who was put in touch with us by Cllr Andy Cartwright.

          • Thanks for the confirmation as you hear of bogus sites doing this all the time and found it strange that when I rang to request tickets i was then sent an invoice advising me to pay immediately straight into a bank account! But will know to contact Cllr Andy Cartwright for a full refund if my tickets fail to appear 2 – 4 weeks before the event.

          • Just spoke to one of the organisers who explained that as they’re selling these directly rather than through a ticket seller they are not set up for credit card payments. Your invoice should show the company name & registration number x

  13. I also am a bit cautious of paying directly into a bank account have tried ringing the number during office hours to clarify and it just rings and rings and rings no answer :( We are 100% sure this is not a scam before I hand my cash over and end up with a devastated child into the bargain?? I have had an invoice with all the details on and I am only spending £37.50 in total but you here about so much fraud on bank accounts these days it massively concerns me am I just worrying unnecessarily??

    • Liz, I have been reassured by two festival representatives that this is legitimate.

      As they have made these tickets available directly from them, payments have to be made to their bank.

      We just shared the information given by the organisers.

      Fusion Festivals & Events ltd are the organisers, as you can see here on the official festival website http://thefusionfestival.co.uk/tcs/

  14. Hello

    I too paid full price for the tickets when they were first released. i have emailed them….and got no response and have tried ringing the number above and it just rings out…….if anyone has any other ideas please let me know as it is just not fair!

    • Hi Sarah. That’s unfortunate. :/ Keep trying the number, I know others have been successful in getting through. Good luck!


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