cclc1We understand that Birmingham City Council are proposing changes which may lead to the closure Colmers Community Leisure Centre within the next few months.

It is understood that the council are trying to hand running of the centre over to Colmers School. Campaigners fear that, if the school can not find a way to feasibly run the leisure centre, it will be closed.

B31 Voices has contacted several council contacts but has not yet received any comment.

Users are campaigning to keep it open. There are two facebook groups supporting the campaign:

If you support them and do not want the centre to close, please consider signing the petition below.

Please include your address, even if only a postcode, to validate your signature. It will not be displayed publicly.

If you can, add a comment (in the tiny comment box – sorry!) with your signature to explain why you value the centre [optional]

Please note: If you have already signed the paper petition, there is no need to sign this one as this is the online version of the same. Thank you.

We’ll have more information and comment about the proposed closure soon.

Thank you.

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  1. In this climate especially…those of us trying to provide sports for the kids rely on indoor facilities. Make cuts elsewhere..the government moan that the kids are lazy…then take away the facilities…what is going on here!!

  2. Is this part of the legacy from the olympics that we were promised? Why close a sporting facility that is well used? \When the government ask for savings to be made, unfortunately, the responsibility for making these savings is in the hands of the section of management where most savings could and should be made.


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