Unlocked shed convention
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There has been an increase in break ins to outbuildings and a slight increase in house burglaries being noted in the Rednal and Frankley areas recently.

Here’s some information and advice from Acting Sergeant Karl Pierpoint, Longbridge Neighbourhood Team:

We saw an increase in sheds and garages being broken into in November/December 2012, property stolen mainly being bikes. We did a security marking initiative and this began to reduce. If anyone requires property to be marked please contact us to arrange a session by calling 101 or by emailing us at longbridge@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk It doesn’t take long and increases the chances of getting property back to the owner when recovered and hopefully makes it less desirable to steal in the first place.

We are now experiencing a slight increase in house burglaries – we are not talking a large amount but an increase never the less. The theme appears to be entering through insecure gardens and then just opening insecure doors and windows. Myself and the team will be working in both plain clothes and visible patrols in the area and can offer crime prevention advice if needed. Residents can contact us directly to arrange an appointment.

We need to encourage and emphasise to the community the importance of :

  • Locking doors and windows

  • Utilising locks for sheds and gates

  • Use of security lights outdoors and timers for interior lights to give the impression there is someone at home.


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