Hawkesley Mill Lane, off Bristol Road, Northfield was closed early this morning following a serious assault.

[Update] West Midlands Police confirmed that an assault took place in the early hours of the morning in which a taxi driver was critically injured. A 22 year old man was arrested at the scene.

Officers in Birmingham received a 999 call just before 3.30am from a member of the public reporting a fight at the scene.

The taxi driver, a 44-year-old man, suffered a head injury and remains in hospital where his condition this morning is described as critical.

The arrested man, aged 22, remains in police custody this morning, being questioned on suspicion of assault.

The road, close to Longbridge Police Station and Kalamazoo, remains closed to protect the crime scene, with several forensic tents in situ around parked cars.

Police urge anyone with information in relation to the incident to come forward and contact detectives in the Force Criminal Investigation Department in Birmingham, by dialling 101, or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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  1. Hopefully the taxi driver will make a full and speedy recovery. Thoughts are with him and his family. Also hope that the lowlife scumbag who assaulted him gets the punishment he deserves. Absolutely NO excuse for this sort of behaviour, whether he’s on drugs or come from a broken home – or whatever excuse his defence solicitor comes up with.

    • u know nothing before your quick to judge, just because u read something on the web u think you have the right to preach like your something special. give your head a wobble love, you dont have physcology degree so i suggest you dont try and be one !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I don’t wish to become involved in some slanging match. I was just expressing my own opinion – which I am fully entitled to do (we have free speech in this country). Obviously I hit a nerve there somewhere. All I know is that some poor taxi driver has been the victim of a nasty assault and that some pondlife is responsible. By the way, you don’t spell ‘psychology’ that way.

        • Oh Brenda you havent got a clue.

          How do you know the man was not acting in self defence against the taxi driver?

          Then who would you be abusing on the internet, someone else who you dont know?

  2. Hope the driver makes a quick recovery, i work in the taxi industry n this happens to often! Drivers should feel safe pickin up passengers but these days noones safe anymore! What a sad world we live in!

  3. We agree with u no one is safe these days the world is like a prison these days no one is safe to leave there home feel sorry for the family.

  4. I hope the taxi driver gets better soon , my father was assulted last year when he picked up 2 passangers 2 young lads they beat my dad up really bad he’s 60years old taxi drivers don’t go 2 wok 2 hit customers they r out there 2 make ends meat so b31 u aint got a clue!

    • I have got a clue though rav.

      Do you know the taxi driver or so called offender?
      Do you know what happened that night?

      No you dont so you havent got a clue what happened and so are making presumptions just because a man got arrested.

      I agree Taxi drivers go out to make money and have a peaceful night but you also get the taxi drivers who try and rip off a drunken person and take advantage off a person who is drunk.

  5. I am currently a private hire driver in Birmingham and assaults are rare in this city however this attack is totally unacceptable to a driver who was doing his job. It is easy to make judgements until you do the job yourself and see the unjust abuse we drivers get. I hope he makes a full recovery and my thoughts go out to his family.


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