Andy Weekes of iCandi Apps

A Rubery based app company is set to launch a Windows 8 version of its hit iOS stargazing app this Friday.

iCandi Apps, run by former St Thomas Aquinas teacher Andy Weekes, will launch the app to coincide with the world wide release of Microsofts new operating system, Windows 8. The Night Sky has already enjoyed enormous success on Apple iOS devices, topping the App Store best selling app charts for iphone and ipad back in January this year. Andy’s app is currently the worldwide Number 1 Reference app of 2012.

Andy, who now lives in Rubery, was born and bred in Northfield, attending Meadows Primary School, Colmers Secondary School and Cadbury College. He gained his BA Hons degree and PGCE at Leicester University before returning to the area to teach. He started iCandi Apps back in 2008 and left his teaching post earlier this year to concentrate on app development, following the success of The Night Sky on iOS.

Back in May, Andy’s success was noted by Microsoft, who invited him down to their UK headquarters in Reading. Over the past few months Andy has worked closely with Microsoft to bring ‘The Night Sky’ app to the brand new Windows 8 platform ready for Windows 8 international launch this Friday.

Andy said: “To have my success on Apple’s platform recognised by Microsoft, and to be invited to work closely with them as a partner, was a huge privilege for me. As a student at Colmers School in the 90s, I used to admire Microsoft and Bill Gates. I used to say I’m going to work there one day, so to have my own company work with them was a huge dream come true for me!”

The Night Sky will be available on the Windows 8 Store on launch day. The Windows version contains some unique features such as ‘Live Tiles’, which enables the user to see information on celestial events right from their start screen before they even launch the app. Another unique feature is ‘Snap View’, which allows the user to snap ‘The Night Sky’ to one side of the screen while looking at information about the celestial objects they are looking at on the web simultaneously.

To download The Night Sky for Windows 8, search ‘The Night Sky’ on the Windows Store

Click to download The Night Sky for iPhone, iPod and iPad (App Store link)

Visit the iCandi Apps web page


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