Store Colleague – Chilled



    Job role: Chilled Colleague

    Job ref: 1034688BR

    Postcode: B29 5UP

    Location: Barnes Hill

    Hours per week: 16

    Application deadline: 20-Apr-2018

    How will you make a difference?

    Here’s the short answer;

    Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do at Asda. Every customer expects great service and Asda customers are no exception. We expect you to be warm and friendly to all our customers. In your role as a Chilled Colleague, you have a great opportunity to welcome customers, talk to them, sell to them and make their shopping trip so memorable. We treat our customer service very seriously, and to help us continually improve our standards of service, we have a mystery shopper survey. Everyone’s target is 100% and you should always aim for 100% service to every customer you serve. We should also be passionate about the standards of shop keeping on the sales floor.

    Everyday matters

    We’re proud of our warm and friendly service. It’s what our customers love and have come to expect. So we’ll always expect you to:

    • Have a smile in your voice and always say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ – and in between show an interest and find out customers’ needs
    • Greet customers with a smile & use eye contact, always paying full attention to the customer you are serving
    • Courtesy is a big part of our warm and friendly service culture so remember the importance of saying please and thank you
    • Treat every customer as an individual; YOU may be the first person the customer speaks to in the store, and possibly the last. YOU can make a difference to the customer experience
    • Talk about your products – you will learn about the products you sell as your training progresses, know how all your products can be used so that you can give advice and help to your customers
    • Make a friendly parting comment
    • Try to recommend additional products to meet customer needs
    • Help to maximise sales (and customer satisfaction) by keeping shelves replenished and products always available
    • And much more!

    If you apply for this position, please mention where you saw this vacancy, thank you and good luck :-)