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Northfield Arts Forum
Northfield Arts Forum provides/ facilitates /connects arts of all kinds. We work in & with the communities of Northfield, Kings Norton, Weoley and Longbridge. We’re a team of volunteers, we aim to recognise & inspire creativity where we live.

The Link, Price’s Square, Northfield • www.northfieldartsforum.com • Facebook: northfieldartsforum • Twitter: @northfieldarts1


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Here at Northfield Arts Forum we’ve recently been part of an incredible transformation.  We’ve moved into the new Northfield Community Hub (Our Space, Our Place), and helped...

Ok. I Lied.

I said we wouldn't do another NAF post this month, and here I am, posting. But I've got some sad news and glad news. So...

Last one. I promise.

Well, of the month. Last one of the month. Blog i mean. Correspondences of digital means. words. gushing streams of apparently nonsensical words? As...
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  • My experience with Northfield Arts Forum. November 20, 2017
    Northfield Arts Forum, also well known as NAF, is an artistic group based in Northfield where anyone is welcome to come along and help out with artistic events or simply take part and have fun. You can work on your artistic skills no matter what those skills or interests may be, no matter how good […]
  • Vote NAF! November 6, 2017
    Here at Northfield Arts Forum we’ve recently been part of an incredible transformation. We’ve moved into the new Northfield Community Hub (Our Space, Our Place), and helped to construct a vibrant and lively space where people of all ages and backgrounds can come and be creative. We’ve already seen some fantastic work produced, whether it […]
  • August 2017 Newsletter August 22, 2017

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