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These are some of the issues we are regularly asked about.

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Your area, your services

To check your parliamentary constituency and council ward details, Enter your postcode on My Local Information for useful information including:

  • Your parliamentary constituency and council ward
  • Your refuse collection day
  • Your polling station
  • Contact details for local councillors and Member of Parliament
  • Your nearest council facilities including schools, recycling banks, recycling centre, housing office, library, leisure centre, parks and more.

Local politics explained

Northfield Parliamentary Constituency has one Member of Parliament. Parliamentary elections are held every five years (unless called sooner).

The constituency (or ‘district’) is divided into 4 wards: Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley. Each ward has 3 councillors. Voting follows a four year cycle, with one seat being decided every year for three years and one year with no election.

Areas included within the district include Frankley, Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Rednal, parts of Rubery, West Heath, Weoley Castle

You can find out your ward, constituency and elected members on the My Local Information site

Lost & found pets

We are happy to help you spread the word on missing or found pets and regularly help to update furries and their owners through social media.

If you have lost or found a pet, you can post it to our facebook page or contact us – we will share your missing / found pets on facebook and twitter.

For LOST pets please try to include a photo, a description including name, breed, colour, distinctive marks, if your pet was wearing a collar or is microchipped, and where and when you last saw it.

For FOUND pets, we would advise that you do not post a photo, but a brief description (breed / basic colour) and where and when you found or spotted the animal. This will mean that any potential claimants can describe their pet more fully to you and you can be confident that the animal is theirs to claim!

Others will be able to help you better than we can. Here are some useful contacts:

  • Birmingham Animal Hospital – RSPCA (All animals) Tel. 0300 123 0710
  • Birmingham City Council Dog Warden (Dogs only) – report missing, lost and stray dogs online or call 0121 303 9900 (office hours)
  • Birmingham Dogs’ Home (Dogs only) – all dogs collected by the dog warden are taken here, unless injured Tel. 0121 643 5211 
  • ***K9 Search UK (Dogs only) – West Midlands lost and found dogs register – work closely with local rescues, dog wardens etc Tel. 07988 433187 or fill in the online form *** We often share information with K9 Search and always recommend lost or found dogs are reported to them
  • DogLost.co.uk (Dogs only) – National database for lost and found dogs Tel. 0844 800 3220
  • Police – if you think your pet has been stolen, contact your local police Tel. 101

If you have found a lost animal, please take it to a vet or to the RSPCA to check if it is microchipped.