Comment guidelines

imageB31 Voices is about giving YOU a voice.

We welcome all political views, but we ask that users consider the guidelines below when commenting on our web page or social media sites.

As a community organisation whose main aim is to engage and inform, we believe that sensible debate and discussion is vital and to be encouraged. We believe that it is important that difficult views can be expressed and challenged. We will not express a personal opinion but will provide facts and information and challenge any false claims or ‘facts’.

We also recognise that what is offensive to some, may not be to others.

However, we do reserve the right to remove comments and content that breeches the guidelines below.

There may be occasions when we choose not to delete a comment that breeches the guidelines below to some extent: for example, if a false claim or bigoted comment is made but we feel that replies that individuals have made to that comment balance its content. We hope that this will mean that issues can be fully discussed and not ignored.

*Hate speech, personal attacks or incitement of violence will not be tolerated*


Privacy: Please respect the privacy of individuals when discussing stories and issues posted on B31 Voices. For example, if a victim or assailant has not been named in a news item, please do not do so. We cover many sensitive issues at a very local level. Please consider the effect on those involved and their family and friends before commenting.

Defamation: we will not accept comments which may break the law of defamation. If you make comments which undermine an individual’s reputation, they will be removed.

Discrimination: we will not accept comments which may be regarded as offensive or discriminatory on the grounds of reference to race, religion, gender, sexuality, disability or appearance.

Language: The website is intended for use by all ages, so any content must respect this. Any abusive or violent language or swearing that we deem inappropriate will be removed.

B31 Voices tries to allow everyone a voice but reserves the right to remove any posts, comments or other user submitted content which does not follow the above guidelines.

Please don’t be afraid to have your say and make your comments but please don’t be offended if they have to be removed.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that B31 Voices has a very active presence on social media and it is run by a handful of volunteers. While we endeavour to monitor as many comments as we can, it is not possible to monitor them all. Due to this, at busy times, comments which may not meet our guidelines may be overlooked. Please note that, ultimately, comments made are the responsibility of the individuals making them. If you see a comment on our pages (web / facebook) which you feel breaches our guidelines, do get in touch. Thank you.

Removal of members

As we feel it is important and beneficial to our communities to try engage as many people as possible, we try to talk to and deal with people who break our guidelines in a positive way.

For example, comments (on Facebook and this website) which contain offensive language may be hidden from general public view and the user given the opportunity to edit the comment before it is approved.

Where offending comments have to  be removed, the member will be spoken to privately, reminded of these guidelines and offered the chance to comment accordingly.

However, if their behaviour persists or is particularly severe, users may be removed, banned or blocked from our social media channels.