Developers issue apology to residents as overflowing sewer fixed


As an overflowing blocked sewer on a new housing development in Cofton Hackett was fixed today after a long wait, developers have issued an apology to local residents. 

Residents contacted B31 Voices yesterday (Tuesday 4th February) about the blocked sewer at the junction of East Works Drive and Groveley Lane, right next to the new Cofton Village Hall. They said that the sewer had been leaking for around two weeks, with the waste being sprayed onto the footpaths by passing vehicles.

One local resident said that there seemed to be some disagreement between water company Severn Trent and developers St Modwen about who was responsible for the repairs.

This morning (Wednesday 5th February), a St Modwen spokesperson said: “We apologise for the inconvenience. We understand the severity of the situation and have a team assessing how this can be resolved quickly. We’ll keep you updated on our progress.”

During the day, the blockage has been cleared and a road sweeper sent out to clean the debris.

The spokesperson said this evening: “We have identified the cause of the issue and our contractor has now cleared out the blockage in the foul sewer. Our contractor will closely monitor the situation over the coming days and we will be installing CCTV on Friday (7th February) to further monitor the drainage to help prevent any reoccurring issues.”

And the spokesperson issued an apology to those affected, saying: “We would like to apologise to our neighbours in Cofton Hackett and thank the community for their patience while a suitable resolution was found.”



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