Longbridge developers St Modwen have submitted a new planning proposal for a vacant space in the town centre. 

Located opposite Austin Park and next to Smyths Toys, it is proposed that the distinctive temporary structure will provide a space for community and leisure activities, as well as being used as a food and market hall.

Of timber construction with openable clear louvred doors, the roofed structure will provide indoor space for activities, stalls, displays and more, with indoor and outdoor seating areas and toilet facilities.

‘Innovative community space’

CGI of the proposed community building | Click to enlarge

With the potential to become a permanent feature, developers suggest that the structure: “will provide a flexible high quality and innovative community space which reflects the town centre’s aspirations to ‘create a real sense of place with a strong identity and distinctive character’.”

Developers say that the building aims to capture the imagination of locals and visitors, with a focus on community.

Aiming to encourage town centre users to ‘dwell’ in Longbridge, anticipated uses include  community events and functions, food and drink events, markets (such as farmers, crafts and seasonal markets) and displays.

Previously approved plans for the site

Mixture of cultures and experiences

The proposal is a change in approach for St Modwen, recognising the need for a strong identity and community focus, with a mixture of cultures and experiences – including provision for innovative smaller, independent businesses.

Previously approved plans for the plot – next to Smyths Toys – include a cinema and gym complex and a discount supermarket, neither of which have been actioned.

Have Your Say

To view the full planning application and submit your views to city planners, visit Birmingham City Council’s online planning pages before Thursday 6th February 2020. Planning application number 2019/10577/PA


  1. I like the idea but would prefer it if the facility was intended to be permanent rather than temporary. I notice the illustration depicts young trendy people at the proposed centre, does this mean that it intends to discourage older people even though there’s a large complex of homes for older people close by?

    • Sorry but elderly people are not sufficiently innovative for such ‘Innovative community space’, also, clearly elderly people don’t know how to ‘create a real sense of place with a strong identity and distinctive character’.

      Nevertheless, the message about your personal preferences shall be passed.

  2. Why oh why can they not build an Ikea . Birmingham is the only major city without one.
    Yes, l know there is one in Wednesbury, but that’s not BIrmingham.

  3. I was looking forward to having a supermarket with a different range and price bracket to the others already at Longbridge. I’m guessing M&S didn’t fancy the idea of sharing the same area as a low cost supermarket and resisted this with the developer..

    I’m thinking Longbridge (Digbeth) dining club under a roof to avoid the weather.

  4. The whole redevelopment needs redevelopment its brought nothing to the area but crime, traffic and dangerous roads. The local community has been ignored and lied to over and over again.

  5. I, and a lot of people would like to see a b&m store in Longbridge, its such a popular and cheap place to shop for many of us. Even though they sell food, it’s not a lot, but it’s other items are a great shop. There is a store in Northfield I know, but that is great for people who live near Northfield and the other side of the Bristol road, having one in Longbridge would cater for this side of Northfield, Longbridge, Rednal, West heath, Rubery and is within walking distance for these residents.

  6. I agree with the comments above . A better variety of shops and above all Ikea would have been perfect instead of more office blocks !!! I think we were looking forward to a good shopping centre , let’s face it there isn’t one this side of the city only Merry Hill.


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