West Midlands Police are asking the public to help identify a teenager following a robbery in Northfield on 16th September.

Officers would like to speak to the teenager (in the photo) after a 12-year-old boy was threatened and had his bike stolen on Station Road.

The victim was forced to hand over the Carrera Hellcat mountain bike.

Anyone with information can contact 101/Live Chat on www.west-midlands.police.uk – Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on www.crimestoppers-uk.org – Quote crime reference number 20BW/221719Y/19


  1. Thieves in Hawley and west heath .my son was robbed last week.my neighbour the week b4 . It has to be kids in the areas doing this

  2. According to Ministry of Justice figures. under the Conservatives Birmingham’s young offending budget has been cut by 53% in real terms since 2010/11,
    With the Closure of many youth courts leading to a back log at the ones that are left.

    Add to that the cuts and Closures to youth services, clubs ect and community policing is it really any surprise?

    • Presumably there was never any crimes committed under Labour’s watch!

      I despise the Tories, but I despise Labour even more, for very pertinent reasons.

  3. Its because lack of discipline in schools and the home. Bring back the cane in schools allow parents to do there job and reprimand their kids. They walk round thinking theyre indestructible cause no one can smack um. Ban these songs that sing about guns and violence and the crap called drilling rapping crap.

  4. I’ve not mentioned labour, all I’ve stated is a fact, it’s up to you what to make of it. It’s like your blaming me for telling you. Would you rather not know? 

    unless your suggesting cutting by 53% from Birmingham’s young offending budget hasn’t had an effect.? Or that labour would have cut it as well?

    Of course crime happened under Labour , but we had more police, community officers on the streets, prison places and budgets to deal with the problem.

    I’d be interested to know though, what you thought Blair meant when he said “tough on the causes of crime” what “causes”did you take that to mean?

    I understand the.’cause’ to mean.social inequality, and its links to rising crime figures. Ie as the inequality widens the crime rates rise.

    As a side thought, What do you think happens when you mix those factors into a society dripping with conspicuous consumption and not only favours but encourages narcissistic behavior.?

    Then there’s the changes to system in general, ie legal aid and changing payments to interpretaters ect thats meant a shortage of interpretaters and trials being delayed,judges warning about miscarriages of Justice because we now have a shortage of interpretaters, that’s clogging up the jail and courts further.

    The worse thing is this hasn’t happened over night, or without warning the media has been reporting it,admittedly not very well, but the conservatives carried on cutting, regardless of the warnings.

    And I’m not even scratching the surface to the problems being faced because of the cuts, I only know a pittance of the amount of cuts and problems caused, I dread to think of the 99% I don’t know about yet.

    it’s not just the finacial implications of he cits, its the knock on domino effect, through out our all our daily lives,

    It’s this particular failed policy of austerity that I despise, not the party,, and if Labour had made a same choice I would be saying the same, just as I did when I disagreed over the Iraq war.

    bad government I’d bad government, no matter what colour rosette they’re wearing.


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