On 16th December 2019 at 1pm there will be an open meeting at Saint Nicolas Place where residents and interested parties can go along to find out what they can do to keep the community building open.

Saint Nicolas Place is situated on Kings Norton Green, surrounded by a local pub, shops, a hairdressers and even a tattoo parlour making it a very community centred village.

A new custodian is being sought to lease or buy the building but meanwhile they need over 30 thousand pounds to keep it open.

The community has been coming together to try and raise the money to keep it open whilst a new custodian is being found.

The Friends of Historic Kings Norton have found themselves to be self funding the building for all its repairs and damages as the weather takes it toll on the building. They have been struggling to do so as they continue to have a vital role.

Cas Hamilton, Chairwoman of the Friends of Kings Norton said:”I feel very strongly that it would be very sad for the community if this place closed. It is used by hundreds of people each week.”

When asked what the community can do to help she said: “To support this as a building to join in the activities that are happening here, get involved with the fundraising efforts, use the shops, use the cafe. Just make sure people use it as the facility it is.”

Inside there is a small shoe shop called Richards Shoes that specialises in orthopaedic shoes.

The owner, Karen Crump said:” It is always busy from slimming world to dancing clubs. But the people that I think would feel it the most is the elderly because everyday here the same people come for a lunch, a chit chat, meet people, the volunteers that run everything give them time. The local community would really feel it.”

With a mixture of accessible historic and modern rooms, the restored building has a variety of rooms where the community can come together each week for fitness classes, church classes and other different meetings.

Pilates Instructor Julia Sharifzadeh said: “It’s part of the history, the whole area and the church and it’s hall and all the history that goes along with it.

“It is such a beautiful place and it would be a shame to not be able to keep it at the standard it has been kept as it is a beautiful building to visit and see.”

With even the local dance school meeting there each week. Teacher of Feel the Rhythm dance school, Donna Evans said: “I started my school here and we continue to use this hall.

“It is a beautiful facility and the floor is fabulous and for a dance school is really important. There is loads of activities that go on here for the community all the way from the little ones that do the rhythm time, all the way up to the older ones that do the extend with the ones that do your nit and natter.”

In a previous article for B31 Voices, local MP Richard Burden (Labour, Birmingham Northfield) said: “St Nicolas Place is integral part of Kings Norton’s heritage and an anchor for the local community today.”

With the whole community coming together to try and keep this vital community asset open, a Just Giving page has been set up to anyone who would like to make a donation.

For more information, email bookings@saintnicolasplace.co.uk , call 0121 458 1223 or go to the website at www.stnicolasplace.com


Read more: • Church seeks new proprietor for historic Kings Norton building ‘with heavy heart’ https://bvoices.uk/2ovwqIC


  1. I need to clarify the comment about the Friends of Historic Kings Norton funding repairs to the building. This is not our purpose. We fund raise to help the smooth running of the building. Our main aim at present is to ask people to sponsor a light bulb to help reduce running costs—— see the illuminated board in reception—– and to help fund work on the heating boiler.
    Watch out for notices about our fund raising events, the next one being a presentation by Graham Short, the famous micro artist, on 24th January. Tickets on sale now at SNP.


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