Birmingham Northfield’s long-serving Labour MP has lost his seat to the Conservative Party candidate in yesterday’s general election ballot.

Richard Burden was first elected as Northfield’s parliamentary representative in 1992. After serving the constituency for 27 years, Mr Burden was outvoted by a majority of 1,640 in favour of Conservative candidate Gary Sambrook.

Mr Sambrook has served on Birmingham City Council – as a councillor in Kingstanding – since 2014.

Labour returned two MPs in south west Birmingham, with Steve McCabe (Selly Oak) and Preet Kaur Gill (Edgbaston) both being re-elected.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid (Con) retained his Bromsgrove seat with an increased majority.

Results in full:

  • BURDEN, Richard (Lab) 18,317
  • LOWRY, Kenneth Russell (UKIP) 254
  • MASTERS, Eleanor Jane (Green) 954
  • ROWE, Keith Alexander (Brexit) 1,655
  • SAMBROOK, Gary William (Cons) 19,957 
  • SCOTT, Jamie Christian (LibDems) 1,961

Turnout 58.68%

  • JAVID, Sajid (Cons) 34,408
  • NICHOLL, David Joseph (LibDems) 6,779
  • SHANNON, Rory James (Lab) 11,302
  • WHITE, Kevin (Green) 1,783

Turnout 73%

  • GILL, Preet Kaur (Lab) 21,217
  • GREEN, Colin Francis (LibDems) 3,349
  • SIMPSON, Phil (Green) 1,112
  • WILKS, David Jonathon (Brexit) 1,047
  • YIP, Alex (Cons) 15,603

Turnout 61.7%

  • CAMPBELL, Hannah Catherine Louise (Cons) 15,300
  • McCABE, Steve (Lab) 27,714
  • PEACOCK, Joe (Green) 1,848
  • RADCLIFFE, David Stephen (LibDems) 3,169
  • TAWONEZVI, Joseph (Brexit) 1,436

Turnout: 60.03%


  1. Lincoln – “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

    Perhaps Labour need to take a good look at themselves (and their soon-to-be ex leader), and ask why they fared so badly in the GE2019 despite all the smear campaigns towards the Tories from the usual suspects!

  2. Among local people feelings of relief and optimism seem to be in the air now the election is over.

    Labour supporters seem to be in an understandable state of denial as the first stage of their ’grief’. Reading his ‘tweets’ the Labour Birmingham City Councillor for Northfield, who seems to have organised the failed local campaign here, which apparently included trying to swamp our area with scores of the privileged offspring of Corbyn-supporters from London and elsewhere, seems now to blame the people of Northfield’s rejection of Labour mainly on religious people not living up to what is said in the scriptures. The Labour Councillor for Longbridge West Heath has conversely ‘tweeted’ a near-venomous message about the currently “reflecting” Labour leadership.

    Although Labour has always tried to sell itself as the champion of particular groups Northfield voters have seen through this long-outdated image and recognised that Labour now represents the privileged. People here have voted for an ordinary working-class, young Brummie to represent them with the energy, conviction and resolution needed to do his best for us. The people of Northfield have good reason to look forward to be represented by Gary Sambrook in the coming years.


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