Work on golf course housing development to commence in new year

Work to clear trees at site entrance begins as early as January 2nd


Bloor Homes are to begin work on an approved new housing development on the site of a former golf golf course in Northfield at the turn of the new year. 

Work to begin clearing trees and vegetation at the site entrance will begin as early as Thursday 2nd January 2020.

Following a long and controversial planning battle, Birmingham City Council’s rejection of outline plans for an 800 home development on the former North Worcestershire Golf Course in Hanging Lane was overturned by a government planning inspector in July this year. 

A spokeswoman for property consultants Harris Lamb said: “Further to the grant of outline planning permission on the site of the former North Worcestershire Golf Club, Bloor Homes are pleased to be progressing details for the first phase of development.”

The spokeswoman said that the removal of trees and vegetation at the site access on Frankley Beeches Road – close to Guardian Court – has already been given approval by Birmingham City Council, including Tree Preservation Order consent.

Following the clearance work by contractors, highway verge utility survey work is scheduled to commence on Monday 13 January.

Gary Sambrook MP (Cons, Birmingham Northfield) said: “It’s very disappointing that this work will be progressing so early in the year with little public consultation. Especially considering the strong opposition locally to the plans from residents and councillors.

“The removal of trees and vegetation will be a great loss to the local area. The golf course is a mature environmental asset which should have been preserved. Unfortunately that doesn’t look possible any longer.

“What we need to make sure now is that as many of the mature trees are protected as possible and that the housing being built is affordable so that local people can get a foot on the housing ladder.”

Cllr Olly Armstrong (Labour, Northfield) said: “This plan is not the right one for this space. I continue to believe this build fails to take into account climate breakdown, it is an inadequate plan in light of our citywide, regional and nationally declared climate emergency. I also believe that Bloor have repeatedly and deliberately dismissed and ignored residents issues and concerns around traffic and pollution.

“It continues to be a deep shame that the conservative government has allowed Bloor to build here, overturning the labour councils decision to block the work.

“I hope the newly elected Conservative MP holds to his elections hustings promises where he said he would take on mine and other local residents desires to turn the area into a community run forest, and I hope he reconsiders our request for his Conservative party to return the large donation Bloor have made to the tories leading up to this decision.”

More details on the plans can be found on the Bloor Frankley Beeches website.

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  1. While people need homes Blood tend to only build at the high end of the market ive not seen many 2 bed starter homes from Bloor.
    This dose nothing to ease traffic congestion on Frankly breeches road going into Northfield center to pick up.the A38 or the other way to.joon the M5.
    The roads cant exactly be made wider either.
    I’m not sure about the correct idea to be perfectly honest as Birmingham council dont upkeep the green spaces we have, no surprise in that since they can’t empty the bins properly!!

    • Yea i hope theres some affordable houses council should make sure they put some there. I don’t wait much on frankley beeches and they was on about other ways off estate. Might be a bit dodgy if everyone left home at the same time though.
      You’re right if they put grass there it’ll probably be left to go to mud like down are road and the bccouncil can’t get dustbins empty now so it’s a worry.

  2. It is nice what a bit of arson can do to a clubhouse!

    Not that I am suggesting anything remotely suspect about the ongoing battle twixt the developers and planners for the golf course. Perish the thought.

    Moreover, it is nice what a bit of arson can do to an old pub in New Frankley!

    Not that I am suggesting anything remotely suspect about what-was the ongoing battle twixt developers and planners for the old Cock Inn pun. Perish the thought!

    Moreover, it is nice what a bit of arson can do to an………

  3. Two points on the above:
    1. There is no ongoing battle between the developers and planners: BCC’s response to Bloor’s appeal was inept. The real dispute now will be between residents and the BCC planners, particularly as to what extent (if any) there is any proper consultation with residents.
    2. Re the Bloor Frankley Beeches website: it is an unsupported protocol according to my computer, so no information available – what a surprise!


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