UPDATE 18/12/19: After being warmed up at YourVets Smethwick, “Deebo” was kept on a drip and began eating tiny amounts of food.

Sadly, Deebo started to refuse food and due to his condition, The Animal House Rescue – in consultation with vets – had to make the difficult decision to let him pass.

A representative said: “By this morning it was clear he had had enough.

“While we could have put him through more tests and investigations to determine the exact cause this would not benefit Deebo and only cause him distress.

”It is never easy to make this decision but we are always guided by the team at Your Vets and more importantly the animal itself.

”Deebo passed peacefully and with dignity.
Thank you to everyone who has kept him in their thoughts and prayers at least he knew comfort and love in his last few days.”

RIP Deebo and all the best to The Animal House Rescue and staff at YourVets Smethwick – you’re all heroes x

A local animal rescue charity is appealing for information – and donations – after a dog was found in a collapsed state in Weoley Castle today (Monday 16th December).

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A member of the public discovered the emaciated dog late this afternoon – unable to stand – on parkland between Jervoise Road and Alwold Road by a member of the public.

Bartley Green based The Animal House Rescue were called to the dog, described as a greying dark brindle coloured crossbreed.

When rescue staff arrived, they found he was severely dehydrated and emaciated and he was quickly transferred for veterinary care.

The vets found his temperature was so low it could not be recorded and he is currently receiving fluids and on heat pads in an attempt to improve his body temperature so his condition can be fully assessed.

The dog was wearing no collar and, although he does have a microchip, the registered details are all outdated.

If you recognise this dog or have any information regarding him, please contact The Animal House Rescue via Facebook, Twitter, email or call 0121 475 8729 (between 9am – 6pm ONLY).

If you wish to donate to the care of this poor boy and support the work of The Animal House Rescue, you can donate via their Facebook page or using PayPal.


  1. This is absolutely horrific and heart breaking. He was clearly extremely neglected and then simply thrown out, most likely to be replaced by a puppy which will very likely meet the same fate. Thank you to all those that helped care for Deebo in his last hours and sent him to doggy heaven knowing that there are decent people on this earth, who did have his best interests at heart. RIP Deebo.

  2. Oh no poor dog i would love a dog but cant afford to keep one so i dont have any pets and yet some people throw them out like unwanted toys.

  3. I hope they find the owner and prosecute but doubt they will find them someone must know who this dog belonged to surly, poor baby its heartbreaking, I’ve got a 14 year old dog and 2 cats and my daughter got a puppy and they all better fed than we are, our one cat his huge he so greedy he a food thief always have been since 5 weeks old, they could of give that dog away or put it dogs home be better treated than was, even if dog had heath condition and wasn’t starved they could of handed it over to dogs home their is no excuse for this dog ending up like this, r.I.p deebo xx


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