Police are investigating an RTC on the 1st November in West Heath in which one of the vehicles failed to stop – despite causing a considerable amount of damage.

The incident involving a black Range Rover Velar and a white Audi A3 happened on Fairfax Road at roughly 9pm.

The driver of the Audi left the scene without giving details or checking the condition of the mother and 8 year old daughter who were in the Range Rover.

Sister of the victim said: “My 8 year old niece is now scared to go in a car and my sister’s spent the night in A&E”.

Adding: “My sister works hard to pay for and insure a nice car for her family.”

Fortunately, both occupants of the Range Rover suffered no major physical injuries.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police via Live Chat at www.west-midlands.pnn.police.uk between 8am and midnight or call 101 anytime. Quote crime log number 2544 of 1 November.


  1. Regarding “My sister works hard to pay for and insure a nice car for her family.” – is having a ‘nice’ car really that important?! Maybe consider working slightly less hard and spend more time with you family, not necessarily driving around in a ‘nice’ car.

    • out of context it does seem a weird thing to say. But when taken in context as a response of an angry and concerned relative,directed at the driver of the Audi who failed to stop,who she’s assuming,probably doesn’t work,isn’t insured and stolen it.


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