GE2019: Your chance to hear from candidates at local hustings events


A number of hustings have been announced where south west Birmingham’s parliamentary candidates will be questioned by constituents in the run up to the General Election on 12th December. 

The first event will be livestreamed to the wider community from Cadbury Sixth Form College in Kings Norton where Northfield candidates will be quizzed by students and staff.

B30 Churches Together have organised a hustings at The Cotteridge Church for residents to hear from Selly Oak candidates.

Northfield candidates will face resident’s questions at The Quaker Meeting House near Victoria Common, at a hustings organised by Northfield Churches Together.

Rubery residents will have to travel to Bromsgrove for an opportunity to hear directly from their candidates at an event at Bromsgrove Baptist Church.

All the hustings we are aware of are listed below (click for full details). If you are aware of any more events, please get in touch!

No event found!


  1. For the sake of idle curiosity, if the election finished something like 52% Tory and 48% everyone else, should we ask for a second election?

    • Yes, especially if the Governing party lost their majority in parliament, or failed to get their flagship policy through it.
      Hence we are were we are.

      As it should have done with Mrs May, when she lost her majority over brexit, such a narrow margin should indicate that the governing party needs to negotiate and compromise with other parties to get a deal that’s for the whole country.not just the machinations of the governing party.

      After all why would the other parties agree to put through a deal they’ve had no say in and doesn’t take into account any of their own concerns, or the concerns of their supporters?
      Unless they were under a dictatorship of course, then they’d vote it through unquestionably.

      Sadly, That negotiating and compromising across the house didn’t happen and why, still, after 3 years and 1 prime minister later, we still haven’t left with a deal.


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