GE2019: Voting registration deadlines loom – Don’t lose YOUR vote!


There’s not long left to register to vote in the General Election set for 12th December 2019!

Register to vote: Deadline midnight Tuesday 26th November 2019

If you haven’t already, you can register online before midnight on Tuesday 26th November.

It takes just a few minutes!

Postal Voting: Deadline 5pm Tuesday 26th November 2019

If you wish to apply for a postal vote, you must return a completed application form to Birmingham City Council’s Electoral Registration Officer by 5pm on Tuesday 26th November. Download the postal vote application form and email to 

Proxy Voting: Deadline midnight Wednesday 4th December 2019

The deadline to nominate another person to vote at a polling station on your behalf is 5pm 4th December.

For information on how to apply, visit the Electoral Commission website.

In an emergency situation only (eg: medical emergency), proxy votes can be applied for up to 5pm in election day. Contact the Birmingham Election Office (details below) for assistance.

For more help contact the Birmingham Elections Office: 

Don’t lose your vote! 


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