Candidates confirmed for December General Election


All nominated candidates standing in the forthcoming General Election have been confirmed this evening (Thursday 14th November).

The country goes to the polls in just 4 weeks time, on Thursday 12th December.

Here we list the confirmed candidates for Birmingham Northfield, Edgbaston and Selly Oak; and Bromsgrove constituencies. (*Previously elected)

Birmingham Northfield

  • *BURDEN, Richard – Labour Party
  • LOWRY, Kenneth Russell – UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • MASTERS, Eleanor Jane – Green Party
  • ROWE, Keith Alexander – Brexit Party
  • SAMBROOK, Gary William – The Conservative Party
  • SCOTT, Jamie Christian – Liberal Democrats

Birmingham Edgbaston

  • *GILL, Preet Kaur – Labour
  • GREEN, Colin Francis – Liberal Democrats
  • SIMPSON, Phil – Green Party
  • WILKS, David Jonathon – Brexit Party
  • YIP, Alex – The Conservative Party

Birmingham Selly Oak

  • CAMPBELL, Hannah Catherine Louise – The Conservative Party
  • *McCABE, Steve – Labour Party
  • PEACOCK, Joe – Green Party
  • RADCLIFFE, David Stephen – Liberal Democrats
  • TAWONEZVI, Joseph – Brexit Party


  • *JAVID, Sajid – The Conservative Party
  • NICHOLL, David Joseph – Liberal Democrats
  • SHANNON, Rory James – Labour Party
  • WHITE, Kevin – Green Party

Over the coming weeks, each candidate will be offered the opportunity to submit ‘500 Words’ for publication on B31 Voices.

Getting ready to vote

When: Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 12th December.

Where: Due to the late notice of this election, some usual polling stations may not be available so make sure you check your polling card. Polling cards should be delivered by 19th November.





  1. Candidates need to get out canvassing in the Northfield constituency, because apart from Labour, we have had nothing from any other party. It was only from doing an internet search that I have found out who the candidates are.

    • Gary Samwell, the Conservative Candidate, has been out around Northfield canvassing for the past 6 months, a long time before the current bunch of momentum Labour supporters have been stalking our streets. Gary has also already put out a good number of pre-campaign and campaign literature telling local people about his plan for the whole constituency, a plan which has been put together after he consulted local people to find out their priorities for the area – the things that really matter to us, the people of south-west Birmingham. Gary is receiving a huge amount of support in his campaign.
      As regards Labour, I’m interested that at least one of the local Labour councillors previously closely allied to the Labour candidate doesn’t seem to have been out and about supporting the Labour cause at all though not it’s not surprising as Corbyn is detested by some of the local Labour Party. If Labour’s own councillors don’t want to support their local candidate then that serves as a warning to local voters.

      • :rollseyes: So after nine years of cuts, chaotic, deceitful and ruinous government, that saw funding cuts to the council, police,youth services & youth courts, schools, local social and care budgets. You think Jeremy Corbyn is the biggest problem the country has? 
        Who’s been in government and had 3 prime ministers fail at anything and everything for the last nine years?

        • It’s not just me who thinks Corbyn’s a problem. Almost everyone you speak to in West Heath agrees including local Labour politicians.

          • you seem to know more Corbyn than me,i hadn’t heard of him until he stood for leadership. what’s so damaging about being a democratic socialist?

            My point still stand’s i think people are more interested in the issues of austerity and under funding of local services than the bogeyman character portrayed by the press.I’ll take your comments about local Labour politicians with a pinch of salt.

            he seems reasonable enough to me,what is it you think he’s wrong about/.

          • I did say seem to know graham, seems I was wrong. There was nothing new in that book, in fact I’m surprised you didn’t suggest he more cutting ‘Comrade Corbyn: A Very Unlikely Coup  by  Rosa Prince ‘ but the I’m guessing you think that Tom Bower being an ex-Marxist would sway the suggestion.
            From all I’ve watched, read and observed,taken in the round, I don’t see the bogeyman you and your favourite media companies see.. My eyes are wide open, I iust prefer substance than title tattle of the billionaire media moguls.


            I prefer to judge a person by what they do and say, and how relatable they are, rather than take their critics view as gospel,.

            Can you say the same about Boris Johnson.?

            Give me Corbyn’s principals over johnsons any day.

        • Corbyn – the terrorist sympathiser seems to think that spending billions on renationalisation will be the answer to all our problems. But given this country is almost $2 trillion in debt with the rest of the world, it will be interesting how he intends to implement this fairytale without thumping the working and middle classes with massive tax hikes.

          • ‘D’ comments that I know more about Corbyn than she/he does. I recommend to ‘D’ that he/she reads the book published earlier this year titled ‘Dangerous Hero’ (subtitled ‘Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot For Power’) by former-Marxist, Tom Bower, published by William Collins. Then ‘D’ may feel that she/he is better informed. In fact I recommend everyone reads it before the election. And that’s my last comment on this subject.

  2. Yes, the debt is nearly 2 trillion, it’s increased by 0.8 trillion since the Conservative’s took power.

    If i remember correctly they said at the time that their Austerity plan would ‘Balance the books’ by reducing the deficit,and that the growth generated would grow the economy,and bring the the debt down by the end of their first term in office(2015) as you said yourself that hasn’t happened. Austerity was a political choice by the Conservative and Lib Dem coalition and carried on by the Conservative government in 2015. It’s an experiment that’s still failing the people and country.

    UK National Debt’s increased from 70% of GDP to the current 85% of GDP. it was 37% of GDP in 2007 before the banking crash.
    Debt to GDP on it’s own is misleading though,and doesn’t give the full picture unless you take into account what the debt is paying for and at what interest rate.
    more akin to a mortgage than the personal debt of a credit card or household bill the politician’s try to portray our economy as being like.

    The level of personnel unsecured debt is the highest it’s ever been though,In fact £160bn higher than it was before the banking crash and that’s without outstanding mortgage debts. As a nation we owe over £70bn just on credit cards.

    For comes down to what the country and our local area has gotten to show for these 9 years of Tory austerity and the increased trillion pound debt it’s cost so far? I’d suggest more public assets have been sold off into private hands.we have fewer doctors, nurses, firemen, police and teachers.All working longer hours for less money.
    Longer NHS waiting list’s,bigger class sizes, less local services.higher rates of violent crime ,120,000 deaths linked to welfare cuts and a stressed,overworked, divided nation with many hooked on anti-depressants. Meanwhile the Corporations like google,facebook and Amazon and top 1% have had tax cuts and gotten richer, whilst homelessness,the use of food banks and charities has increased massively.

    As i see it at least with Labour’s proposed borrowing,the country will also have the assets that the borrowing has bought,the profits from those assets can be continually re-invested back into our public service’s and local communities. Instead of hedge funds and shareholders taking a huge amount of the profit’s overseas.

    For example,The Glaziers borrowed nearly £600 million to buy Man utd which was valued at £260 million,they still owe most of it,but after paying interest on the debt,they still manage to invest in players,pay dividends and wages from the profits their asset makes.

    John McDonald has said if your in the top 5% of earner’s (more than £80’000 a year) yes you will pay slightly more tax. it’s not like he’s hiding it. He couldn’t be more clearer.

    Personally I don’t know any working class people who earn enough to be in the top 5% bracket(£80,000).

    If the plan is is as mad as you claim why has Savid Javid refused to debate John McDonald, to attack it and tell the nation the Tory plan and how it differs from the last nine years.
    surely if it was as mad as you say,it would be a breeze for Mr Javid?

    Surely if we want more and better funded NHS, police, nurses, firemen,schools and better services,then taxes will have to rise.
    how do you think the Conservatives are planning to pay for it,if not through higher taxes?

    all I’ve heard so far from them is more useless soundbites about brexit. what then,after brexit? they’ve had 3 years to tell the country their plan and yet they still have no vision for what follows,well at least not one they want to tell 99% of the population about.

  3. A question for people who support the NHS but think socialism is mad,bad or evil.
    what is it precisely about the NHS you like and support,if not the socialist ideal of free at the point of delivery,or where the monopoly of scale brings a cost and social benefit ie For the many not a few ?

    what do you tell yourself to not get cognitive dissonance ?

  4. Are you saying that it’s a fallacy to say the NHS ideals are socialist, or are you saying that’s what you tell yourself?

    I never mentioned throwing money. But even if I had I wouldn’t concider it “throwing money” at it Just recruiting, employing and paying a fair wage for the work they do.
    Ideally In the future, in hospitals we own and run,instead of PFI ‘s and out sourcing. .

    • I used to work in the NHS, specifically in procurement, and quite frankly the amount of financial incompetence twixt management and preferred suppliers was appalling.

      You interpret the values of the NHS and the sonar of socialism any way you want, but with regards offering value for money, it is a complete fallacy with regards provision; and in terms of need: well I think that is transparently obvious, which again is its Achilles Heel.

      Nemo sine vitio est, as they say!

  5. like any busisnes or huge organisation, loss and wastage is accounted for, be it workers, merchandise  or stationary. Why would the NHS be any different. That is more about process’s of those in power, than applying to any ideals though.
    For instance wastage improve’s if workers feel less stress, are better staffed, and feel appreciated  and valued by the people who hold the  positions of power above them. .Worker Retention and absences from work would improve expedentually if the staff had a stake in the NHS. 

    I disagree with you on value for money, our spending on health  as percentage of GDP is substantially lower than large economies such as the US, Germany and France, OK we might not have the best outcome rates in clinical area’s but at an average of £3000 per person a year Imo it is pretty good value for money for cradle to grave nationwide health coverage.

    But if you don’t think  the NHS is good value for money, then, my question still stands. what is it precisely about the NHS you do like ?
    So far it doesn’t sound like there’s anything about the NHS that you think is a benifit.

    As I said  before, I’m talking ideals not values.
    So if not nye bevin’s socialist ideal of a health service funded from general taxation and free at the point of use., or that it’s good value what is your ideal system of healthcare?

  6. If your interested what’s happened to your NHS watch this old Unite clip that warned us what The Conservatives and lib dems had plaaned for the NHS

    Then take a read at what NHS campaingers think are “Ten things every voter should know about the NHS.” ..

    And ask yourself, who do you trust with your NHS.?

    The film director Ken Loache who’s made some of the most hard hitting working class political commentary films such as “Cathy cone home” “kes” “I, Daniel Blake”  and his latest “sorry, we missed you” has this to say about keeping our NHS public campaign.

    VoteNHS GE2019


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