It was confirmed today (30th Oct) that the Co-operative supermarket on Hazelwell Street, Stirchley, has been sold to supermarket rivals Morrisons.

After much speculation as to the future of the store which plays a big part in the local community, with many residents employed by the chain, it will be a relief to many that it will continue as a supermarket.

A spokesperson for the Co-operative said: “The Society can confirm that it has entered into an agreement with Morrisons to sell its Supermarket in Hazelwell Street, in Stirchley.

“This will mean staff will be transferred across as part of the sale, with colleagues retaining existing terms and conditions under Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE) legislation.

“The Society has been working for several months on various proposals for the Stirchley store and chose this option to ensure that employment for colleagues would be retained.

“The decision on the future of the store came following a full review of trading performance, which indicated a decline in sales with increasing losses projected in future years.

“Like other retailers, we are constantly adapting to retail challenges at a local level, please be assured this decision was not taken lightly and is necessary to protect the long-term future and growth of the Society as a whole.

“Despite these planned sales, Central England Co-operative remains committed to Birmingham and is planning several new stores and refurbishments to ensure our members and customers continue to be served.

“We would like to thank all staff for their commitment and dedication during their time with the Society.

In light of the confirmation, local Councillor for Stirchley, Mary Locke told B31 Voices: “I wish to thank the Co-op for all they have done for our community, including their generous support for our foodbank appeals. I will be sad to see the Co-op go, I am pleased it will remain a supermarket, the last thing Stirchley needs is another vacant site in Stirchley. It is also reałly good news the the staff will be transferred over.”

A date for the proposed completion of transfer has yet to be confirmed.


  1. Sad day for Stirchley. Been a Co-op on the site for as long as I can remember.
    Stirchley has been let down by the council and councillors for years. A whole generation will have grown up with the Tesco site over the road still vacant. How sad the greedy council turned down the Co-op application to regenerate the Tesco site with a shopping destination and much needed housing.

    • The co-op are a terrible company to work for. Where I live the society had staff accused of assaults of female members of staff, and very little was done and the abusers were allowed to simply return back to work. The manager forced money out of the staff and nothing was done to stop her behavior. I have company documents to prove it!

  2. Yes sad day – my family have shopped there for many years however I do think the store has had a neglected look about it recently so perhaps this will be good news. I hope it will be for the lovely and helpful staff

  3. The co-op are a terrible company to work for. Where I live the society had staff accused of assaults of female members of staff, and very little was done and the abusers were allowed to simply return back to work. The manager forced money out of the staff and nothing was done to stop her behavior. I have company documents to prove it!

  4. Living within walking distance and being a regular user (for convenience only) Stirchley Co Op is pretty rubbish. Overpriced and under stocked. Morrisons will be much better for the community and great for the current staff who will keep their jobs

    • I agree, the Co-OP was more expensive than any major supermarket despite having the poorest range of goods available to buy. Service was always very slow, but the staff are friendly. But unfortunately we are not there for a friendly chit chat, we want to get our items and leave asap at the best price possible.

  5. Whilst losing the Co-Op and super useful The Works is sad, I think this is a good thing for Stirchley. The whole area is looking run down, and new investment could bring a spark of life back. We have the new Taylor Wimpey estate, some fantastic independents opening, proposal of the new station on Cartland Road, hopefully new development on the old Tesco site and lord knows we may even hear news of the old Fitness First site soon! Let’s be positive. The most important thing is that their is a company confirmed to take over the site and the staff and being TUPE’d over – that’s the best news.

  6. Sad news. If it’s no longer a co-op will we also lose the works and Dorothy Perkins inside?
    Stirchley has approved the building of an Aldi and Lidl on the high street too. Do we really need 3 chain supermarkets?!

  7. At last! This store has been outdated for over a decade now and is a depressing place to shop. The prices there are amazingly high and some groceries double or more of their competitors. No wonder people shopped elsewhere.
    I welcome Morrisons taking over, having cheaper prices, more range and a generally better shopping environment.
    All we need now is for LIDL to finally open in Stirchley :)

  8. I agree with many of the comments . I’ve been to the store for many years often visiting with my nan as a child..The staff are friendly and I am pleased that another major retailer such as Morrisons will make an investment in Stirchley and protect people’s jobs . Unfortunately whilst the Co op has invested in a store makeover many of their products are over priced compared with other leading retailers..Service is slow and being getting worse with less staff available to serve.. Morrisons has a great range of food including consumer goods .Perhaps it’s time for a change..Co op do well in their smaller stores like on Dad’s lane or Kings Norton Green where convenience is more important than price.

  9. so we can at last say goodbye to half-empty vegetable shelves with three or four advocados lying around on them and empty freezer compartments with one packet of peas in it,, shelves with
    2 items pushed to the front. Recent times the co-op here has been truly abysmal. The staff are great but whoever has been in charge of stocking the place for the last few years have done this shop no favours.Bad management throughout I fancy.

  10. My Grandad used to work in the barbershop in the original building and was known locally to mend umbrellas! I remember the wooden parquet flooring and fabulous wooden staircases in the original building. And the milk dept next door.
    Sad times when history gets lost.


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