Imaginative community spirited youngsters from a local Scout group have come up with some bright ideas to help out their local community.

Positive community impact

The 198th St Nicolas Beaver group is based at Oddingley Hall in West Heath. The group’s membership of 6 to 8 year old boys and girls have been learning about community impact and were asked to come up with ideas to help the local community.

Dog poop!

The youngsters said they would like to help do something about the dog fouling in West Heath park. So, last week, the Beavers and their leaders made some dog poop bag dispensers and placed them in and around the park, along with notices inviting people to help themselves to a free biodegradable bag to help keep the park clean for the whole community to enjoy.

Thumbs up!

A local resident and dog walker messaged B31 Voices having come across the bags and posters in West Heath.

Mark said: “[I] wanted to give a big thumbs up to The Beavers for thinking of this. Yes, dog walkers should be taking them out with us every time, but even the best of us forget or only take the one in error.”

Look for a Book

The children also wanted to bring children’s books to the community. The group has collected books and bundled them in clear plastic folders which they have placed out and about in the local area.

Everyone is welcome to take a book home, enjoy it with their family and then re-hide for someone else to enjoy.

If you find, enjoy and re-hide a book. you can let the Beavers know on their Look for a Book Facebook page


As well as the dog poop initiative and books, the youngsters have: written postcards of kindness to the elderly in a care home in Kent; had talks from a local food bank and designed posters for them; attended church for harvest festival collecting food for the food bank; and there’s yet more to come with talks from a dementia charity and working dogs.

Assistant leader Suzanne Smith said: “The children have been working hard towards their community impact badge and we are so proud of how thoughtful and enthusiastic they have been in wanting to help the people in their community.”

Well done to all the Beavers and their leaders for being such awesome community members! 

If you are interested in your child joining Beavers (6-8), Cubs (8-10.5), Scouts (10.5-14) or Explorers(14-18), visit the Scouts website to find your local group.


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