City planners have approved (subject to conditions) the change of use of a retail unit in Longbridge town centre to accommodate a new 24 hour gym.

The Puregym facility will provide customers with up-to-date facilities over two floors in the unit next to Smyths Toy Superstore.

The new gym will employ 12 staff and provide facilities at a low cost with no contract.

We have contacted Puregym for comment and when they hope to open. 



  1. So, yet another gym. What about the David Lloyd sports centre on Great Park, First Fitness? in the old cinema and Northfield Baths?. It just shows how little the council care about this side of Birmingham. I know times change and progress has to happen, but I look around at the proliferation of trades springing up on our high streets, barber shops, fast food outlets, charity shops to name just a few. Come on BCC, let’s see some planning sense here. What is needed are businesses that can offer good employment opportunities long term, a return to a properly habited high street with butchers, greengrocers and bakers who can offer something more than the overpriced impersonality of supermarkets.

  2. I think it’s a brilliant idea. I was thinking about joining the one in Bromsgrove but this would’ve been on the door step. I can understand why others are complaining, saying there are already enough gyms in the area, however the urban fitness gym (bourville college) is really good but only open during the day to students, the sports direct gym (whatever it’s called) I’ve heard it is terrible and has poor, tatty facilities, and the one in Northfield is a little too far for my liking and also it doesn’t have a brands, such as Pure Gym’s, reputation. I honestly can’t wait.

  3. As someone who often works late hours and lives locally to longbridge this is much appreciated. Most gyms close at 9pm or 10pm and the nearest place is Kings Heath or City Centre. Some people do actually use the gym after midnight. .

  4. Can’t wait, I work 13 hour shifts so a gym on my doorstep will be fantastic.
    The people who moan about another gym would rather have another fast food place unfortunately.
    Well done for once getting something we need to help reduce obesity in this current climate even though it is by a kfc!!!!


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