Animal charity RSPCA have issued a statement to reassure local cat owners after social media posts about a deceased cat being found in a black sack in Rubery over the weekend. 

An image of the black and white cat in the bag at the roadside in Old Stone Close was posted on a community Facebook group on Saturday and the cat was subsequently collected and taken to a local vet.

The image was then reposted to the B31 Voices Facebook page by someone else. With the image, the poster wrote: “Someone is putting cats in blacks bags and [k]notting them up so they [can’t] get out.”

With no evidence that the cat had in fact been alive when placed in the bag, the post was removed from the B31 Voices page and the poster advised that it appeared more likely the cat had been run over and someone placed it in the bag. She was advised to ask the finder to contact the RSPCA if foul play was suspected.

‘No suspicious circumstances’

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “We received a call for advice after a cat was found dead  but it appears there were no suspicious circumstances.”

“Anyone who has any concerns about animal cruelty can contact us on 0300 1234 999″

Owner sought

The cat is temporarily being lovingly cared for at Clent Hills Vets in Rubery in the hope that its owner can be found. If you think this may be your black and white cat, please message a photo of your cat via the Clent Hills Vets Facebook page or contact the surgery on 0121 516 0301.

We hope the kitty’s owner can be found and reunited with their pet. RIP little one. 


If you suspect animal cruelty:

Call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999 or report online 

If you find a deceased cat:

  • Move from the road
  • Knock on doors near where the cat was found to try and locate the owner.
  • Take a photo if possible – to help with identification, not to post
  • Take the cat to a vet or animal rescue if possible – they will check it for a microchip and will usually keep it for a short time, in case an owner can be located.
  • Fill in the B31 Voices found pet form and we will post on our social media
  • Put up a few posters by where the cat was found, letting owner know where it is
  • Councils will collect dead animals but be aware:
    • Birmingham City Council do now check for microchips so owners can be informed BUT the animal’s body will then be disposed of as they have no storage facilities.
    • Bromsgrove District Council also check for a microchip and will keep the animal for a very short time.
    • You can report online for collection by your local council Birmingham or Bromsgrove


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