A 26 year old Kings Norton man has been jailed after an argument led to a man being stabbed in the chest. 

The incident happened on the morning of Friday 26th April. Following a dispute over cash, Shakeem Browne chased a 41 year old man into a store on Hawkesley Square.

The man was stabbed twice in the chest, leaving him with two punctured lungs.

Browne fled the scene but quickly identified by West Midlands Police officers as the prime suspect. He was traced to his home address – not far from the scene – and arrested within two hours of the attack.

Officers found clothing in his room which matched items seen on CCTV.

Following a trial at Wolverhampton Crown Court, on Thursday (24th October), Browne was convicted of wounding and sentenced to seven years in prison.

The victim has since made a full recovery from his injuries.

DC Darren Lennox said: “This was a targeted attack and it is just fortunate the victim was not more seriously injured.

“Officers were able to quickly piece together who was responsible and Browne was arrested at his home within just a few hours.

“We are committed to tackling knife crime and anyone who chooses to carry and use such a weapon can expect to lose their freedom.”


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