A 27 year old man from Rednal is set to appear before Kidderminster magistrates this morning (Friday 6th Septmeber), after being charged with three counts of robbery and three counts of possessing a bladed article in a public place.

Christopher Andrew Randall was arrested on Wednesday night and was charged yesterday evening after being interviewed by West Mercia Police.

The charges relate to three robberies in Rubery this week: at Lloyds bank cashpoint and Rubery Late Night Pharmacy on Tuesday (3rd September) and Tom’s Hardware on Wednesday (4th September).

UPDATE 5pm: Randall has been remanded in custody by magistrates and will next appear at Shrewsbury Crown Court on 4th October 2019


  1. For a second there I misread his address to say Sh*thouse Grove! Seems rather apposite for a dangerous lowlife whom will probably plead a drug dependency in his defence.

    Well done to the police and to any members of the public for bringing about his arrest so quickly, and subsequently charging Randall. One would hope his sentence is not derisory as he remains a danger to the public.

  2. Glad he’s been nicked and hope the victims are OK and get any support the need.

    However if we want to increase the probability that people will need to commit crime to fuel their drug addiction, we should keep drugs illegal and costly, and keep cuting their benifits by sanctioning them for not being able to function like non-addicts.

    I guarantee they’ll have to commit crimes, that’ll ultimatley be more costly socially and financially to the rest of us,and ironically now will have easier access to

    What is it they say about keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

  3. I’m sure this is the same man that came into the Black a horse on a Sunday morning at 11:16 and stole mine and another woman’s purse!


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