Planning: new bid to bring a gym to Longbridge town centre


Birmingham City Council planners are being asked to consider allowing a change of the use of a retail unit in Longbridge town centre to accommodate a new gym.

Previous planning

Plans for a gym as part of a leisure complex including a cinema and restaurants on land adjacent to Smyths toys were approved in 2017 but never came to fruition when St Modwen were unable to secure tenants for the complex.

Instead, developers applied to build a discount supermarket on the site and in May 2018 the plans were approved.

New gym plans

However, now PureGym are seeking permission to change the use of an existing empty retail unit – between Boots and Smyths – to accommodate a gym over two floors.

PureGym provide customers with up to date facilities and equipment in 24 hour gyms at a low cost with no contract. The closest existing PureGym facilities are at Maypole and Bromsgrove.

Have Your Say

The public consultation period ends on Wednesday 25th September. You can view the full plans and submit your views on Birmingham City Council Planning Online – application number 2019/07132/PA


  1. We need another gym like a hole in the head. There is a perfectly decent gym, which can be used by the public at Bournville College and then there is the Everlast gym on the Bristol Road. We need a choice of shops in Longbridge Town Centre, not another gym. My objection has been submitted on the BCC website.

  2. We do not need another gym we already have 5 in close proximity to Longbridge. Build an Aldi store like what was supposed to happen, this would be more beneficial to the people in Longbridge area.

    • 5? I can think of 2 pure gym would be great for the area everlast needs to go its awful I think there’s a lot of people that would welcome a budget gym, with the ever growing obesity problem

  3. Personally I don’t think we need another gym down by longbridge as we have enough on the Bristol road and not far from there. I think we need a nandos or something down there where the young kids would like to go after college.

  4. No, we do not need another gym, we have the new NOrthfield Swimming baths, Everlast on Bristol Road,
    Nuffield Health Centre, Rubery, a small gym on the Bristol Road South, above a shop, use of gym at Bournville College, just opposite the proposed location and a gym at the new Retirement homes on Lickey Road.
    Why can’t we have a an Iceland, or another coffee shop outlet, anything but a gym. City Council needs to relook at this planning permission and st Mowdens need to listen to what people suggest or would like.

  5. From a single, full time working mum living in Longbridge perspective, I am all for a pure gym. The college gym is there purely for the students and although the gym is available to use by the general public out of college hours this is often doesn’t fit in worn people’s work patterns. The everlast gym is extremely busy and once again the times I could attend are not often available. The pure gyms hous of opening would allow people to attend as whole families also as open to all 24/7
    Surely a place for fitness and health is more beneficial than more coffee shops / food venues for the local area. The Aldi permission is rightly contested in my opinion as the traffic implications for that site and surrounding area were correctly identified. The stationary traffic for the MCDonalds drive thru is already a hazard !
    I most certainly feel it will only bring a positive effect to the community


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