An informal public consultation into the introduction of parking charges at Lickey Hills Country Park opened yesterday (Monday 2nd September).

Photo by Elliot Brown

The plan to introduce parking charges at seven parks across the city was approved by Birmingham City Council cabinet in 2017. Charges have already been introduced at Cannon Hill Park and the council recently consulted on charging at Northfield’s Victoria Common.

Now users of the Lickey Hills Country Park on the edge of the city are being consulted on how the charges should be implemented at the site.

About Lickey Hills

The Lickey Hills Country Park is visited by around half a million people a year and is popular with families, walkers, nature lovers and dog walkers from across Birmingham, north Worcestershire and beyond.

The 524 acre site is currently served by three free car parks – at Warren Lane, Beacon Hill and Rose Hill. All are in need of improvement, with both Beacon Hill and Rose Hill car parks having been identified as having safety concerns and requiring major investment.

Where will the money go?

The council has said that revenue raised from parking charges will be reinvested into the upkeep of and future works on the park, citing the following benefits:

  • Visitors to the park will benefit from reinvestment of revenue from car park charging into the park for its ongoing upkeep and future works

  • The three car parks serving the park will benefit from significant investment to address safety concerns and ensure they are fit for purpose

  • Longstanding traffic management issues can be effectively managed and resolved. e.g. Warren Lane carriageway

  • Improve accessibility by addition of formal disabled bays in the car parks

  • The presence of enforcement officers can act as a visual deterrent which may deter any anti-social behaviour.

  • Ability for the Parks Service to meet savings targets for 2019/20 and onwards. 

Proposed Charges

Parking charges will apply between 8am and 6pm daily.

With the park opening at 7am, parking will be free for that first hour.

Charges will be payable using Pay and Display machines n the car park or by mobile phone using the RingGo service

Following an initial stakeholder consultation, a 50p charge for the first hour has been added to the pricing structure.

Proposed pricing structure:

  • Up to 1 hour: 50p
  • 1 to 4 hours: £2.20
  • All day (4 hours +): £3.30
  • Coach parking (Beacon Hill only): £16.50
  • Season ticket (annual): £52
  • Blue Badge holder: Free

Have Your Say

There are a number of ways you can consider the proposals and submit your views.

  • Online: Visit the Birmingham Be Heard website to view the proposals in full and complete the survey.
  • Email: Views and queries can also be emailed to
  • In person: The council will also be conducting face to face questionnaires through a clipboard exercise within the park on random days throughout the consultation period.
  • Old School Room: Now a schoolroom for visiting children but was formerly a mess building

    At drop in sessions:

    • Thursday 12 September 12-2pm @ Old School Room, Adjacent to Lickey Hills Visitor Centre, Warren Lane, B45 8ER
    • Thursday 19 September 6-8pm @ Lickey Hills Visitor Centre, Warren Lane, B45 8ER

The consultation closes on Sunday 29th September 2019

Cover photo by Lickey Ranger on Flickr


  1. I dont think they should charge its been free parking for years. If they are going to charge then then car parks need surfacing instead of uneven stone road surface. If they do that why cant they fix the pot holes in the main roads too

  2. I visited cannon hill park today. £2:20 to park, i helped with the upkeep of the car park.On a YTS course,26 years ago, while on £1 an Hr. Today was a short visit with my dog. I forgot my wallet, and found coins down my car seat.Very upset about the charges, beening forced to pay to visit from my ward, Acocks green. No point visting Cannon hill again, Licky hills was next on my list of parks to visit,not anymore. Guess the councils just want local people to enjoy them.

  3. We are being encouraged to exercise for health & those who can’t afford gyms use the Lickeys for exercise in pleasant surroundings in a Public Open Space. IfWe have to drive to get there & if they are to be charged to park it will put people off going there. Where else can disadvantaged families go for a free day out with children?

  4. Bcc are a self serving money grabbing organisation, that wish to charge for amenities that were given to the city by our forefathers, in this case the Cadbury’s, they would be rolling in their graves if they knew what was being planned. Bcc you should be ashamed

  5. Does the Beacon actually come under the ruling of Birmingham? My parents who live at the foot of the hill pay rent and council tax to Bromsgrove, would have thought the Monument lane and the Beacon Hill car park would have come under Bromsgrove as well.

  6. Birmingham’s Labour Council seems to have very little interest in this side of the city and so I doubt that most Labour Councillors are unaware of the state of public transport to the Lickey Hills. Buses are infrequent and often unreliable and the bus stop is quite a distance from the main part of the country park. Many people need a car to get to the park because of the time involved in getting there by public transport from Birmingham or from our side of the city. When I have wanted to walk the dog in the hills it has taken me as much as 1 hour and twenty minutes to get there by bus from West Heath which is only about two miles away!
    Nowhere near enough people benefit from the pleasure of being in the Lickey Hills now so clobbering people with heavy parking charges will make a trip to the hills less and less appealing to people.
    The relative remoteness of the park means that the council should find ways to encourage more people to use the facilities and not put them off by making a visit to the park cost them more.
    I should like to hear the 6 Labour councillors and the MP here in Northfield constituency speak out against these charges as their Conservative opponents have done.

  7. Definite need for double yellow lines along Monument Lane and Beacon Hill lane as well as Warren Lane.
    Double Yellows to be in place before or coincident with Car Park charges.
    One badly parked car in itself can cause chaos in the rural lanes around the Lickeys. You can guarantee a dangerous driving area without the traffic management being in place


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