Firefighters discover gas leak while attending waste fire behind Bartley Green flats


A gas leak was discovered by firefighters attending a waste fire close to shops and flats in Bartley Green this afternoon (Monday 2nd September).

West Midlands Fire Service firefighters from Woodgate Valley were called to the fire behind shops on the corner of Dettonford Road and Curdale Road at just before 1.20pm.

Residents of the flats and occupants of the shops were asked to leave the buildings for a time due to smoke from the fire. The fire was confirmed out by 2.13pm.

After the fire was extinguished, firefighters identified an existing gas leak and emergency attendance by gas engineers from Cadent and electricians from Birmingham City Council was requested.

No-one was reported to have been hurt.

As a precaution, residents have not yet been allowed back into homes, with some staying with relatives and others being found alternative accommodation.

Dettonford Road and Curdale Road were closed off for a time but have since been reopened.


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