Planning: Starbucks ‘drive thru’ approved for Rubery Morrisons car park

Outline planning for ten homes off Leach Green Lane cul de sac also approved


Birmingham City Council Planning Committee has today (Thursday 1st August) unanimously APPROVED an application to build a ‘drive thru’ coffee shop in the car park of a Rubery supermarket. 

CGI of the proposed coffee shop

The approved application – submitted by Morrisons – allows for the construction of a ‘drive thru’ with its own parking and associated landscaping to sit in the western part of the car park, between the store and the petrol station.

As part of the assessment of the application, other locations in Longbridge, Rubery, Frankley and Cofton Hackett were examined by developers and city planners but none  were found to be appropriate for the coffee shop development.

The coffee shop has been approved to operate between 5.30am and 11pm daily, including Bank Holidays.

It is expected that the store will provide 15 full time and 15 part time jobs.

To view the planning application in full, visit Birmingham City Council Planning Online and search for Planning Application 2018/07853/PA

An outline application to build ten homes off Ash Bridge Court, to the rear of Leach Green Lane was approved.

The development could comprise 4 three bedroom properties and 6 four bedroom properties.

During consulation, local residents and Cllr Adrian Delaney raised concerns regarding many issues, including loss of light and privacy, loss of mature trees and use of Ash Bridge Court, which is a quiet cul-de-sac, as access for heavy plant machinery during the build.

Planning committee members offered several reasons for rejection which the council’s planning officer advised on at the meeting.

Reasons considered were:

• Loss of trees
• Impact on residential amenity (overlooking, privacy, loss of light)
• Mature suburbs: including density, build form, access, size of plot

The council’s planning officer explained that the reasons given would be hard to uphold at appeal if used to reject at an outline planning application stage.

• Back land development – the planning officer said there was no local or national policy to prevent building behind exiting properties but this could be a possible reason for refusal, although again she recommended this may not be a strong enough reason at outline planning stage.

The committee voted against the reason for refusal and a second vote approved the outline planning permission. Now a full planning application must be submitted so all the above considerations can be addressed and considered once full details are examined.

To view the outline planning application, visit Birmingham City Council Planning Online and search for Planning Application 2018/09560/PA


  1. This leaves me absolutely speechless. Morrisons car park is crammed at the best of times, now shoppers will have to battle with traffic going to a drive through coffee shop. Utter madness. And considering eating and drinking at the wheel is a criminal offence, these drive through establishments are just condoning what is an illegal practice. I despair I really do.

  2. I thought coffee was suppose to be bad for you another U turn from the health critics. Smoking will be good for too now canabiss is going to be legal.

  3. Let’s face it the planning committee can’t see the wood for the trees (although some trees won’t be around much longer with this half-baked idea!)

    They made a complete mess of the transport network in and around the New Longbridge Town, with bottlenecks galore that have still to be resolved; and now I foresee similar problems with this “drive-thru”.

    If it is is going to be situated when I think, i t will cause considerable congestion between the petrol station. the recycling tanks and general access in and out of the Morrisons car park, especially the awful traffic lights.

    It will no doubt become a hub for litter, noise and perhaps even anti-social behavior as people start spilling out of the nearby cinema, Hollywood Bowl and other eateries and pubs in the Great Park area past 10pm of a nighttime.

    Crime is already rife in that neck of the woods, with that bingo hall getting robbed twice over the last 12 months or so; add to that the countless number of ASBs, knife crime and threats of violence, this unwelcome addition is just going to exacerbate that!

    But of course the council choose not to worry about that; but see it as a new revenue source for business rates.

    They need to wake up and smell the coffee, ha!

  4. The council who approve these schemes, housing plans and all the other nonsense are obviously slipped some nice backhanders. I will personally make it my goal to destroy any work on the golf course as well, bloor homes management watch yourselves


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