Meet Vinnie: the planet-loving, litter-picking pooch

Vinnie gathers plastic bottles on his walks

With so much in the news about climate emergency and the need to act to safeguard our environment, a Rednal dog is doing his bit to help by collecting and recycling plastic bottles!

Vinnie, the 3 year old Cavapoo, always collects a plastic bottle – tossed aside by a careless human – when he goes for a walk around Longbridge and Rednal with his owner, Helen Biggerstaff.

Vinnie getting a little help from Helen to recycle his latest bottle!

Once he gets home, Helen helps him pop his bounty in the recycling bin, helping to save the planet one discarded bottle at a time!

Helen said: “He just started doing it when he was a puppy – cannot walk by a bottle and not pick it up. My recycling is full of other people’s plastic!”

Helen said Vinnie would love people to say ‘Hello!’ if they see him out and about – he loves “a fuss and a tickle”!

Great work, Vinnie! 🐾 (and Helen!) 


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