Following a lengthy battle for planning permission for a crematorium at the foot of the Waseley Hills in Rubery, developers have now put the land up for sale.

And while the site is being sold freehold with permission for the crematorium and cemetery, the sales listing states that future housing development could be an option for the buyer – with potential for up to 350 homes at the site – if Green Belt restrictions can be lifted.

Planning battle

H2Land originally applied to Bromsgrove District Council for permission for a cemetery at the Green Belt site on New Inns Lane in 2012. This application was approved and in 2014 an application to add a chapel to the site was given the green light.

Crematorium approved

However, due to the Green Belt status of the land and concerns from local residents and politicians, it took developers three applications and two appeals to the government’s Planning Inspectorate to get approval for a crematorium. Much to the disappointment of some, the permission to build a crematorium was eventually granted by the government earlier this month (July, 2019).

For Sale

Offers are being accepted for the 19.8 acre freehold development site, with planning permission for the cemetery, chapel and crematorium and over 6000 burial plots.

Potential for housing?

Beside those from the funeral business market, the vendors are also targeting housing developers as potential buyers.

The sales listing states there is: “Potential to split site for Crematorium and future Residential development. The site capacity is assessed as suitable for 350 homes.”

With Bromsgrove District Council needing to release some Green Belt land to meet future housing targets, H2Land are hoping that the land – currently listed as Green Belt with Potential – will be released for housing development during review, in view of the permissions already granted on the site.


Rubery Councillor Peter Mcdonald said: “Local residents are left with a crematorium hanging around their necks for three years or raise no objections to houses being built on greenbelt.

“The people to blame are Bromsgrove District Council who should have never recommend the greenbelt to be built on in the first place.

“The appeal was nothing but a farce at a great cost to Bromsgrove District Council. This clearly demonstrates the planning process favours the applicant over local democracy.”

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  1. at the local school ,we were told those fields were soggy most of the time as it was holding water that had run off from the hills after heavy rainfall and when saturated,fed into the river Rea, which starts around there. were they wrong?

    if not,, it could be added misery for those people on the Birmingham side of their development. who are already badly effected after heavy rainfall and the river rea bursting its banks. Bromsgrove council won’t have to deal with any of the consequences of that.

  2. So much for the “protective” status that is The Green Belt!

    Potentially, we may have 350 new homes to the west of Rubery; and 800 homes to the east of Rubery. This may give a significant boost to the retail sectors in the area, but may also put extra burdens on an already crumbling road infrastructure, as well as schools and GP centres.

    But I suppose building homes on the outskirts of the city is a relatively cheaper option (for developer and buyer) than doing so centrally. But there must be plenty of brownfield sites that could be utilised instead of Green Belt?

  3. The land was originally sold as agricultural, at a commensurate price. This news makes a mockery of the planning dept. Someone has made an unbelievable return on their investment.

  4. I’ve lived here in Northfield all my life in a nice quiet part. It’s getting worse, no more is it a quiet Suberb. It’s turning into the next overbuilt, terrible chemsley wood! Fast food, shopping centres and traffic everywhere. Councillors and planners taking some nice backhanders, greased palms aplenty. Corruption at its finest. Bloor homes can kiss my hairy arse


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