The third edition of Vélo Birmingham & Midlands is returning next year with a brand new summertime date – Sunday June 28!

The bike ride which starts and finishes in the heart of Birmingham City Centre, is a 100 mile route which combines wonderful views of what the Midlands has to offer and regardless of ability, the event which will attract up to 18,000 cyclists, is open to all.


The potholes were fixed but it wasn’t all smooth riding in 2019

Even though last years event was hugely successful with riders and spectators enjoying the occasion and thousands of pounds raised for charities – the road closures weren’t everyones liking.

There were many complaints from local residents and road users, especially those who felt the closures were unnecessary and objected to having to find alternate routes – ‘ Man (72) arrested after steward injured in Velo ‘road rage’ incident in Rubery’.

The 100 mile entries are opening soon and are expected to sell out extremely fast – to be in with a chance of taking part you must pre-register.

Entries for our shorter route will open in 2020.

If you’d like to register or have more information, please see here.

(Image: Enso Taylor)


  1. The reason why the Velo race is being promoted by BCC is because it is supposed to take our minds off the appalling state of local services (two recent Post Office closures – no publicity please). We now live in a city where minority interests rule. Cycling is not a majority interest but attracts a wholly disproportionate amount of public money and media attention. The associated issue of the empty A38 cycle route has made Birmingham a national joke.

    The comments on this website following this year’s Velo race were highly critical because of the road closures, road rage incidents, prevention of local travel, preventing carers getting to their clients or people being able to attend church, or stopping people from getting to their (low paid) work. In an alleged democracy, the will of the majority should prevail. I asked for this issue to be listed on the agenda for the June BCC Northfield ward meeting – this was mysteriously cancelled, which has prevented local people having an opportunity to give their views.

    • You say ‘In an alleged democracy, the will of the majority should prevail’ Gerald, But how have you come to the conclusion that your view’s on the Velo race is the majority viewpoint ?

  2. If anyone can prove the majority of people in this City WANT the Velo race then I bow to the majority, but I do not believe it is wanted.Exactly the opposite infact.The problems it causes are massive and no thought given to a huge number of people who need free access to our roads. I do wonder what the City charges and possibly that is the reason it is allowed?? Am sure the charities that benefit like it .I have great sympathy in that area.Money in their underfunded charity. Overall I dread the thought of it.Have already pencilled in next years date and know some people are already cancelling various things on that dreaded date too. Would be amazed if a more suitable Bike event was arranged. Dont want cyclists fun to stop but a more appropriate choice given that suits all. Just my opinion,which I am entitled to of course.

    • Of course you and Gerald may be right you may be in the majority, but given the size of our population,total miles of roads against the miles of roads affected, isn’t it far more likely that the people for and against the Velo race are actually both in minorities and that the majority of Birmingham residents don’t even register it enough to really care either way?

      What does it matter if your in the majority or not anyway,why even bring it up,? Would it really be more acceptable to you if you realised you were in a minority?
      Could it be that the need to think your in the majority is because your both using motivated reasoning?

      It distract’s from genuine grievances,Neither of you come across as unreasonable, yet expecting it to be cancelled or moved into someones else back yard because you and others were inconvenienced does seem unreasonable.


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